Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


2. Doors

Chapter 2


I woke up in the comfortable bed feeling very happy, that was the best sleep I had had since before the orphanage... I jumped out of bed and threw on my shoes, I memorized where the room door was and started to search for a particular room. My stomachs growled at me as though it were a lion trying to escape from a jail, I started walking faster. I was looking at the door knobs when I saw it, a picture of food. I grabbed it, and I immediately pulled my hand back, I yelped in pain and noticed that the knob was burning hot. Being very hungry, I put the bottom of my shirt over my hand and used the fabric like a pad as I grabbed the knob.

I threw the door open and walked in, the door slammed behind me. The room was full of food, more food than I had ever seen in my life, there was breads, and vegetables, and fruits, and meats, there was food on tables, on the grass, everywhere! I looked around, the room was like a field, and there was a forest surrounding it like a large circle. I ran towards the breakfast area, and found some milk, and my favorite cereal, fruit loops. It's so weird that an old castle like this would have cereal... As I was thinking and eating, a whole pack of baboons burst out of the forest, they were running right for me!

I stood up as fast as I could and ran towards the door, the baboons were advancing, the door was gone. I whipped around to see the baboons right in front of me, I realized I had a piece of chocolate in my pocket; I yanked it out and threw it as far as I could. The baboons followed the chocolate with their eyes, they all stopped dead. The baboons started to retreat as fast as they arrived, they ran toward the chocolate at alarming speed. They all crowded where it fell, and tried to get to the center. I took this moment to look for the door that leads out of them room, I looked frantically for a few minutes when the baboons started coming toward me again. I panicked and started to run, then I tripped on my shoelace and face planted on the hard grassy hill.

I looked up to see the baboons running at top speed towards me, I put my hands over my head and waited for the impact. When I felt nothing, I looked up to see the baboons sitting around me and staring at me. I slowly stood up, and one of the baboons grunted and threw the chocolate wrapper at me.

I understood what he wanted to do, I told them to wait, and I started running toward the dessert section. The baboons followed me, but at a distance. I found the chocolate section and lifted one up and pointed at it, the baboons stirred, and then I pointed where the door used to be. The baboons seemed to understand, I then threw them the chocolate, at least one for each. The baboons leader who had shown me the wrapper in the first place, went over to where the door used to be and he plucked a certain flower in the hill.

At first, I thought he was messing with me, but after a few seconds, the door came out of no where. The baboons brought me the flower and put it in my hand, I kissed his forehead and went to the door. This time, when I touched the handle, it was not hot anymore. That was then when I realized that when the door knobs were hot, it meant possible danger. I waved goodbye to the baboons and closed the door, that was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.

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