Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


1. Darkness and Castles

Dedicated to:

My amazing Dad, who would always tell us these stories

Copy writes deserved, do not copy this book.

Chapter 1


Growing up, my daddy always told me to explore, so I did. One day, I went into the forest at sunset, it started to get darker, so I turned around to go home, but the trail was gone.

I started walking around, trying to find the trail, but I had no luck. After half an hour, I found a trail, I smiled to myself and followed it for a while. In the distance, I saw a large building, I strayed from the trail and walked out of the forest. There standing in front of me was an ancient, black castle.

The wind started to blow, and the leaves started spinning all around me; I ran to the large, rusting gate and pried it open. I squeezed through the gate right before it slammed shut behind me from the wind. I started running toward the front entrance of the castle, there was a large, dark oak door. I reached up towards the rusty iron knocker, and banged it three times. The noise echoed through the large, vast space behind me; the door creaked open very slowly, as if it hadn't been opened in years.

I took a step into the darkness, dust came up in plumes and I coughed as it enveloped my lungs. I slowly closed the door behind me, all went completely silent, and pitch black. I backed against the door trying to find a light switch, instead, my fingers gripped around the bottom of a torch. I lifted it up and it immediately cought flame, I don't know how it happened, but it just did.

I started walking down the toward the hallways, the walls were made of black obsidian, and they looked quite damp. As I emerged into the dark hallway, I saw doors everywhere, there were doors side by side going down the hallway, doors on the low ceiling, and one or two on the floor!

I got closer to the doors so I could see them better, all of the handles were shaped into something. I grabbed one that had a chocolate bar on it, the handle was quite cold... As I opened the door, sunlight flooded through, and when I walked in, the door shut behind me and I was on a green and grassy hill. There was chocolate everywhere, chocolate bars on the clean grass, there were chocolate bushes, and a chocolate village. I grabbed as much chocolate as I could, and left; when the door closed behind me, it was dark again. I grabbed the torch off the floor and munched on the chocolate.

I started to walk toward a door with the beach on it, the handle was warm, and I opened the door, I heard lightning and crashing of large waves, and rain was pounding down out of the room. I slammed the door shut, that was not what I was expecting. The rain that poured out of the room soaked me to the core; it was getting late and I was getting tired. I looked everywhere for a certain door, when I found it, I pulled it open and saw a fireplace blazing with a fire. Warmth flushed over me, there were ten large and fluffy beds waiting for me. I went over to one close to the fire, I set down my chocolate and closed the door. I laid in the bed and fell fast to sleep, with no one to go home to, and no one to worry about me, I didn't need to go back.

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