Dark Castle

The doors were all over, on the ceiling, all down the hall, and some in the floor.
Where do they lead to?


8. answers

Chapter 8


"Loui!" I yelped. How did the sun go down in the sun room? How did the demon know right away that the sun was going down? How did he escape his realm? My mind was racing with questions, but I had no time to answer them. I started walking around the red-black obsidian floor, and I found no trail. I decided to propel down, it is the only way, I thought. I turned my back to the cliff behind me, and got on my hands and knees.

I started to lower my right leg first, trying to keep the least weight on my hurt shoulder. When my foot hit a rock, I tested my weight on it. It felt safe, so I went with it. I climbed down one third of the way with no problem, my foot slipped and I hit my head on a rock. I yelped but had to keep going, I felt the blood from my forehead triple down, but it never reached my cheek. I almost reached the bottom, when my foot slipped again, this time, my hand wasn't one form hold. I fell of the cliff side and flew at an alarming rate toward the rocky bottom.

As I went down, I saw a large ledge, I leaned forward and gripped it. The momentum from the fall made the bottom half of my body whip into the rock. When my stomach connected with the rock, it knocked the air out of me. My hands started slipping away from the ledge, I tried to catch my breath while holding on for dear life. I finally pulled myself up and gulped in air. I pulled up my shirt slightly to see my stomach, scratched went up my stomach, and a deep cut was near the bottom. I spent some time catching my breath, and pulling out lodged rocks from my arms, stomach, and forehead. I tore a piece of my shirt off and wrapped it tightly around the gash on my forehead.

I looked over the edge to see I was close to the pointed ground, I turned around and started to lower myself down with the limited strength I had. I landed on the ground in a safe spot, and I started to walk through the maze of spikes. I found a trail that led to the demon's castle, and followed it until I reached the outside of the castle. Instead of a gate, there was thousands of small needle sharp spikes. I tested the ground worth my shoe, and the spike went straight through. I looked around for some sort of path or secret entrance, as I was looking I noticed a pile of flat rocks.

I started grabbing them and making a path of rocks toward the doors to the castle. After about an hour, I had made a path. I started to walk across the rocks, when the spikes beneath started to crack them. I jogged and then started to run, and I reached the castle unharmed. I pushed the large rock door open with much difficulty. The inside looked exactly like the normal castle, it looked like a replica, the doors were in the same place and the handles were shaped the same as well. But there was one difference, it looked very foggy.

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