Skinny Girl

A girl who can't see what she was doing was actually killing her slowly.


1. Skinny Girl In The Mirror


Skinny girl in the mirror 
skinny girl how you feel
your sitting on the floor feeling pain nomore
thinking back on your day your heart that got tore

skinny girl feeling sick
skinny girl turn on the sink
hurting your throat everyday
on the bathroom floor you lay

skinny girl during lunch 
skinny girl wont eat much
you try not to eat
the hunger you just cant beat

skinny girl getting bullied at school 
skinny girl you think your a fool 
you have nobody to talk to
youre starting to believe their true

skinny girl crying tonight
skinny girl was so bright
you cant seem to sleep
losing the smile you tried to keep

skinny girl couldn't you see
skinny girl this cant be 
you were so brave 
skinny girl now in the grave

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