I'm a Black Veil Bride

Charlotte went to a Black Veil Bride concert, and it changed the course of both her life, and Andy's.......


5. Sing The Song Of Sorrow.....

*Andy's POV* 

I woke up again, CC gone again, this time Jake was gone.... I sat up quickly, and I shook Ashley and Jinxx. "Guys... Jake and C.C are gone." They sat up, waking up quickly. Then the door opened and Jinxx and C.C. came in. "What now?" "She was nice... And, we didn't get tortured...." "What?..." "Yeah.... She started to break down, and she explained why she's doing this.I-it was like she was a whole different person..." "I can tell you why." We turned around and she was standing in the doorway. She walked to the wall and sat down... "I.. I have a mental disorder that has me going insane like a snap and it happens... I'm sorry I'm doing this to you...." She started to cry. I scooted over and I wanted to comfort her, but I couldn't... "Oh, sorry.... Here.. Let me take those off all of you..." As she was taking them off us, she explained how she got it. "I was little and my step-dad was abusive ever since my mom died, he always blamed me, but she died in childbirth with my sister because she was so weak from my step-dad beating her too... My sister is alive but in a foster home.. And one day, he threw me down some stairs and I guess that triggered something and I have my condition... He died a few months ago from a heart attack and his emphysema didn't help because he smoked.... He was such a fucking asshole..." "I'm sorry that happened to you Charlotte..." "You guys can go.... Go ahead before I snap..." "No, we aren't leaving you yet... We are going to get you help...." "I can't be helped.... Now go!" I sat there. "Please, before I do hurt you!" "We are going to help you not snap into your insane self... I promise, if you let us help, then maybe you wont have to have that snap again..." Then she was quiet. "Charlotte?" She lifted her head and I knew it had happened again. "Get back in the cuffs... now." 

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