Vaas Montenegro


Asian-Pacific regions, where the island lies out of reach from those who know nothing about such a place. The people that are lucky to find such an island are indeed unfortunate. Finding nothing but nightmares down there, on the surface lies more than what lies underground? Possibly. The place is secured, the structures are claimed and every freaking person who was stupid enough to fool for such a bluff was taken down six-feet-under.


VAAS: You’ve got around five sun-downs and that’s when your fucking sorry ass will be fucked.

(Laying down on the ground with his two hands on the ground like a farm animal.)

STRANGER: I’ve got no idea… please, I have no clue where Jason Brody is!

VAAS: You think I give a shit about that white boy? That boy inking my sister? You’re fucked.

(The man wheezes in pain, crying at the end of Vaas’s pistol, frightened of what follows on)

VAAS: You sick fuck! You making an animal look sorry. Fucking look at me, hey you fuck! Look me in the fucking eyes!

STRANGER: I just want… my f-family

VAAS: Family? Ha, ha, I like that. I really do. You’ve got the balls to fucking sit there with your ass in the air talking up to me like I’m your bitch? Hey you fuck, ha, ha, your my BITCH.

STRANGER: Please. I just want my FAMILY !

VAAS: ShhhhI know what you want. Chill the fuck out! Okay, I’m gonna chill here. You look me in the eyes and you say you’re my bitch. Don’t make me say it again bitch!


(Gunshot) – (Vaas smiles as blood splatters around his face)

VAAS: I told you FUCK! How many fucking times did I have to tell you to say it? How many times did I tell you to say it to me? Huh? Where the fuck are you now? Yoo-Hoo, are you FUCKING in there!

(Vaas toyed with the man’s body, laughing with his eyes rolling all around the man’s bloody skull)

(Coming out of the darkness was no other than Hoyt, the stranger to many but known very well by the natives)

HOYT: Vaas, come take care of the rejects.

(Looking behind him with his face covered in a man blood, he stared at Hoyt with his sore swelled eyes as Hoyt approached the other hostages)

VAAS: You’ve got ten fucking seconds to spill what you have left. Okay, I’m coming Hoyt. Okay.

(Walking to the hostages alongside Hoyt, Vaas kneels down looking at the two hostages sitting in a cage)

          (Looking down at them, he sees that they are both tied to the cage interior, one looking more wounded than the other)

          VAAS: You boys think you’re crazy, huh? Jumping out of airplanes… flying like birds?  (chuckles) That is crazy! I like this phone. This is a nice fucking phone. So, what do we have here? (looks down at them again) Grant… and Jason… from California, huh? Well, I hope your mama and papa really, really love you, cause you two white boys look expensive! And that’s good because I like expensive things…

(Grant mumbles)

(Vaas looks at Grant dead in the eyes, his aggression getting the better of him)

-I’m sorry, what did you say? What did you say? Do you want me to slice your open like I did to your friend? SHUT THE FUCK UP! Okay? I’m the one with the fucking dick! Look at me, look me in the fucking eye. HEY! YOU FUCK! Look me in the eye. You’re my bitch. I rule this fucking kingdom. Shut the fuck up… or you die.

(Jason mumbles too)

-What is it, Jason? Jason, what is it? Why aren’t you laughing now like you did back there? What, is this not fun anymore? Have I failed to entertain you? You see, thing is, up there, you thought you had a chance. Waaaay, up in the fucking skies, you thought you had your finger on the pussy trigger. But hermano, down here… down here?

(Vaas collected a pile of sand from the ground, filtering it through his hand as the sand sprinkled through like grains from an hourglass.)

(beat) You hit the ground.  

(Hoyt stepping out from the shadows yet again, revealing less of his face this time round.)

HOYT: Vaas, stop scaring the hostages. I need you to take care of the rejects.

(Vaas walks away from Jason and Grant following after Hoyt)


(Hoyt shows Vaas some of the other hostages along with some of his men / pirates who are waiting for his arrival)

HOYT: Vaas, take care of these. If you need me, come find me.

VAAS: Okay, Hoyt. The fucking pigs back there, the fucking white boys. What about their ransom money?

HOYT: You… come find me. I don’t give a FUCK about those hostages. You come find me.

VAAS: Okay, Hoyt, Okay…

(Hoyt walks back into the darkness leaving Vaas alone with his pirates and a few hostages tied to wooden beams.)

(Vaas approaches the first hostage, a female separated from the males who looked more wounded than her. All of their clothes torn up, as for the girl who sat against the beam with mascara all down her face. The male victims watched as Vaas approached the girl)

VAAS: Ah, what do we have here? A bitch with some fucking white boys staring you down. Gotta admit, you did well to survive on this island. You fucking ran from the nice boxes we put you in. What kind of fucking bitch are you? Again, what kind of fucking bitch are you?

CYNDY: A bitch with order. A bitch who obeys the rules but doesn’t sink down like the no lives back there.

VAAS: Ha, ha, I’m gonna… No, you fucking bitch. You ran from those, those ‘no lives’ you mean our fucking hostages? The fucking rejects that don’t get it. They don’t understand. You see, thing is, they think that being in a cage costs nothing. But no, they don’t fucking get it. Their lives, their stupid-pathetic faces just make us all sick.

CYNDY: Aha, and you get it? You think you fucking get… being on an island with a bunch of nobodies!

(Vaas is handed a knife with many sharp ends by one of his men. The male hostages whimper in pain trying to escape, wriggling like worms from the beams)

(Cyndy gulped. Her face was full of fear)

VAAS: You are angry, bitch. I get that, I mean without them, who the fuck are we? You come onto this island, you expect to be treated like one. You’re taken by the hand of them, given five fucking minutes to make a decision. No, no, no, and what if they say NO? What if they just laugh it off. FUCK YOU! You fucking come down here with your pretty-boy faces. This bitch, (chuckles) this fucking bitch will be the end of you.

(Cyndy feels terrified, hearing the loud voice, the anger within Vaas. She squirms, no longer being strong, begging for her life to remain unharmed)

VAAS: What is it, huh? What is it? (Chuckles) Why aren’t you standing up. Why are you so down, feeling like the whole world revolves around you? I OWN THIS FUCKING KINGDOM. You better… shhhhhhh- it’s okay, it’s okay.

(Vaas slices the girl open, revealing nothing but her insides. The males cover their eyes as much as the restrain on their arms pulls. They use all their strength to look away.)

VAAS: Aha, this is why you don’t fuck with me. How many times do I have to say it? How many times, huh? You see the bitch in front of you. She is what stands between you and this island. No longer, white boys. These fuckers don’t get it. They say they do but they don’t. Now, it’s okay, I’m gonna chill. I’m gonna chill…

(Vaas wipes the blood off the knife standing away from the corpse, going behind one of the male hostages)

STEVE: AH shit, ah no! I don’t wanna… I don’t want to see it!

VAAS: SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! I just want you to stare at her. See-see the bitch for what she really is. You wanna be better than her, huh? Better than the bitch? I respect that, I really fucking do! You think that its gonna matter? What the bitch thinks of you is gone. Face your fucking fears! GOD DAMNIT. All the fuck—ah FUCK YOU!

(Vaas grabbed Steve by the collar of his shirt, digging the knife into his left thigh. Steve screamed as he was thrown in front of the corpse of Cyndy)

STEVE: No… (mumbles) I just wanna see my family, I didn’t ASK for this!

VAAS: Hermano, chill the fuck out. Okay? I’m chilled, why can’t you chill? – I’ve given you chance after chance. How many more times are you gonna blindside me?! How many fucking times?

(Steve screams as the knife goes deeper into his thigh, Vaas smirks as Steve falls to the ground squirming in pain.)

(Max mumbles)

VAAS: Hey, which one of you just said that? Huh? Which fucking white boy said that? Who thinks they’ve got the bigger dick? Huh? Who the fuck thinks that?!

(The male hostages look down in fear all shaking their heads side to side. Max tries to look less guilty but Vaas saw more fear in his eyes.)

(Vaas walks down the line of them, (screaming in pain) Steve in the background. All hostages want to cover their ears and not hear anything. Vaas holds a pistol to the first hostage with hands on his head.)

VAAS: What do we have here? Alex… ah, okay. LOOK AT ME! Why are you shaking like a fucking dick? Looking down aren’t gonna make it go away. Look me in the fucking eye! Okay, okay, hold the gun, come on motherfucker! SHOOT ME!

(Alex backs away, shivering in fear as Vaas holds the pistol to his forehead. Alex sweats as Max wishes that he could pull the trigger instead)

ALEX: I-I can’t… I’ve never fired before. Never. Ah-fuck, please… just shoot him (cries)

VAAS: Too much of a white boy to even do that, huh? Good. This fucking prick thinks that he has the bigger dick! He thinks he rules this fucking kingdom, huh? Good. Look me in the eye, come on motherfucker!

(Vaas grabs the pistol from his other hand and stands a slight distance away from Alex as he holds it aiming at Alex’s forehead without even flinching. Perfect aim for a perfect shot)

(GUNSHOT) (Alex’s corpse falls to the side) (Steve’s screaming becoming more of pain on their ears)

(Max sweating like crazy, his eyes looking full of tears about to burst)

VAAS: Next… we have, yeah. Phillip, yeah? Yeah. From (whistles) California. Ah, you would’ve done good as a trophy back there. Two white boys in a box crying for their families. I mean, FUCK, you think you have the dick here?

PHILLIP: No, I just—Look, I have a family, yeah?

VAAS: OKAY. I’m fucking sick of hearing every fucking prick saying the same shit over and over and over again.

(Without any hesitation, Vaas pulls the trigger on Phillip)


(Phillip falls to the ground face first)

(Vaas now having to have taken down three out of five)

VAAS: I SWEAR, one more fucking time with the ‘family bullshit’ and I’ll drive a bullet (whistles) through your skull.

(Max raises his head, looking directly in the eyes of Vaas)


VAAS: Max… another from California? Huh? FUCKING dimwit friends you have here. They fucking speak and it just kind of kills the moment. You know? You know what? I could give you grace for being the last one with the dick. Yet, your fucking friends don’t get it. They JUST don’t get it.

MAX: You’ve taken me, so what. Those friends were dead to me the moment I landed on this island.

(Vaas chuckled, Max looking serious, his eyes swollen. Not as much as Vaas’s redness in his eyes)

(A pirate comes into the zone with two more hostages, an adult mother with a little girl in her hands)

(Vaas still staring down at Max’s face, the pirate speaks)

PIRATE: Vaas, there’s another one. Two. There’s another two.

VAAS: Shut up. Okay, Max… looks like we’ve got company.


(Vaas holds the pistol to the side of him aiming it at the mother who stood with the pirate’s arm around her neck)

VAAS: I’m gonna give you on the count to three to fucking run. You RUN from this island, get lost in the jungle and if it doesn’t eat you alive, I will. One…

(Max watches as he sees a blurred image of his wife standing with his daughter, fear springs into his mind, scared for the life of his family)

(The pirate let go of the mother as she tried to grab her child from the pirate)


(Pirate laughs in her face smirking as he nudges her hard. She falls on her knees with only one second remaining)



MAX: Noooooooo! FUCK…No! Fucking NO.

VAAS: Sorry… Max, I get that your angry, I get it. Some bitches though, they don’t get it. It’s up to you on how the fuck you get out of here. I’ve been bullshitted by your dimwit friends, your fucking slut who is also gone. What is it? Oh… right.

MAX: Can you please just FUCK OFF! Me and her, you wouldn’t get that. You’d never understand—

VAAS: Say IT, one more fucking time, I DARE you. Say it, come on motherfucker!

MAX: F-family…

VAAS: Thing is… I’d do anything for them, anything they’d ask. You fucking sat there as your own bitch was taken from you. I RESPECT that, you’ve got a hard-on for jungle fever… (Vaas laughs)

MAX: Okay, just leave her out of it. MAKE IT QUICK

VAAS: You FUCK, I don’t wanna make you anymore angry, I get that you’re angry. We’d all be fucking angry with this. You not having fun anymore? No? Okay, okay, I’m gonna… do what you did to your fucking friends.

MAX: I didn’t do anything… Fuck, you killed her (cries)

(Vaas holds the pistol to Max’s face as he pulls the trigger with slight hesitation)

VAAS: Ha, ha, I have to admit that’s fucking funny! You come here. You come here with your pretty-boy face and make an embarrassment to your bitch lying there. Thing is, you knew it was gonna happen. That look in your eye, I’m sorry… I don’t like the way you’re… looking at me!

MAX: I didn’t do anything. You fucking KILLED MY WIFE. You’re a MONSTER

(Vaas chuckled, as he punched the beam in front of Max, startling him a little. Staring him in the eyes, he holds the pistol to Max’s skull and crouches to Max’s level)

VAAS: Bitch no longer up there. Ruler of this fucking kingdom down here. Look at you. You don’t even have it in you, you think it’s all fun down here do you? With all the fuckers getting shot left and right. Look at me, shhhhhh- now, I want you to pull the trigger (whistles) firing a bullet through the same dimwit who fucked you over.

(Max’s mind now corrupted, he cries louder for his wife as Vaas escorts Max’s left hand to around the gun with his right hand pulling Max’s finger back to pull the trigger)

VAAS: I’m gonna make it easy for you. Look at me, look me in the fucking eye.

(Max’s tears roll down his face as he shakes, feeling lost in a world without his wife)

(Vaas releases Max’s finger from his grip as his own control pulls the trigger, gun aimed at his own skull. He shoots himself, as Vaas steps away crossing his arms)

VAAS: Clear this fucking mess up. Seriously, what kind of island is this? Huh?

PIRATE: Your island, Vaas.

(Vaas smiled as he heard the words from the Pirate. The Pirate asks on what to do with the daughter)

PIRATE: What about this? What you gonna do with her?

VAAS: YOU, you. You are gonna throw her into the fucking ocean. OR you bring her over here, make it quick.

PIRATE: What about Hoyt?

VAAS: I don’t give a fuck about him. JUST fucking tidy this shit up. Hermano, hurry up!

PIRATE: (laughs) Okay.

(The little girl squirmed in fear of what she saw around her, seeing her father and mother no longer standing or moving)

(Vaas looks the girl in the eyes, lowering himself to her level)

VAAS: This is fucking new to me, I’ll admit that. You’re the one with the bigger dick here. YOU’D have to be, why else would you come here? On my fucking island, huh?

(The little girl looked away, not wanting to see the man’s face covered in blood)

VAAS: Sooner or later, you’re gonna see why flying up there like a bird was so important to your mama and papa.

(The Pirate escorted the little girl to the wooden beam shooting range. Holding her tight as he pushed her into the dirt.)

PIRATE: Ready, Vaas. She’s all yours.

(Hoyt steps out of the shadows yet again disrupting Vaas’s games as he stands in to talk to Vaas)

HOYT: Vaas! You’re still scaring the hostages. Why haven’t you taken care of all the rejects?

VAAS: Once you got the ransom money, all of them are gonna be sold like that.

HOYT: AS ALL PROFITS GO TO ME. You fucking know that. So, I’d like it if you gave a fuck about the rejects.

VAAS: Okay, Hoyt, Okay. Alright.

HOYT: Fantastic! I see you’ve got one here. Well, come find me when you’re done.

(The little girl, daughter of Max cried in the dirt as Hoyt walked away leaving Vaas to take care of a child) 

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