In Love With the Enemy

My name is Samantha but everyone just calls me Sam. I am Black Widows younger sister and the newest Avenger. I have a secret though. I am in love with the enemy. (A marvel avengers fanfic)


3. Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: "You would help me?" I asked her dumbfounded. "Of course. You have helped us so much already and I might as well do something meaningful with these powers." She said. A sad look shadowed her beautiful features and I couldn't help but be sad with her. "How did it happen?" I asked. "How did what happen?" She looked up at me again snapping out of her sulk. "How did you get your powers?" I asked her. "Oh...well Pietro and I grew up in Russia and our parents were killed when a bomb hit our apartment building. The bomb that killed them was from Stark Enterprises." Wanda took a shaky breath before continuing, "Pietro saved me before it collapsed and we were orphans with nowhere to go. Then a man came to us and asked for our help. He knew of our hatred for Tony Stark and decided we would be his best choice. So he did tests and experiments on us to make us powerful so that we would be able to fight you. We are just lab experiments." Her eyes filled with tears and she blinked to try and make them go away.

I stood up from my chair and walked over to her rapping my arms around her tightly and she buried her face into my shoulder. Tony walked through the doorway singing "Highway to Hell". "Yum bacon!" He exclaimed grabbing a piece and shoving it into his mouth. "Do you mind?" I asked him. He looked at us in shock as if he hasn't even seen us there. "Oh I'm sorry!" He said but grabbed a plate and filled it with bacon before leaving.

"I'm sorry about that." I said letting go of her and holding her at arms length. She shook her head. "No it's fine. I've gotten over the bombing. I was just following Pietro's lead because he's all I have left. I give her another quick hug and then stand up straight. "We should probably go have a talk with the others if your serious about helping out." I say and she nods and stands up following me out of the kitchen.

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