In Love With the Enemy

My name is Samantha but everyone just calls me Sam. I am Black Widows younger sister and the newest Avenger. I have a secret though. I am in love with the enemy. (A marvel avengers fanfic)


2. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Was it really that obvious that I had a thing for Wanda? Wait I have a thing for Wanda?!!! Why was that such a shock? She was gorgeous! Im not a lesbian though...right? Holy shit Sam pull yourself together you know nothing about this girl and she's been passed out ever since she got here! And even if she was you know you wouldn't have the nerve to say something to her. A beautiful girl like that has to have a boyfriend.

I sighed and flopped down on my bed. Why the hell was I even worrying about this? We have much bigger things to worry about right now. I closed my eyes and rested my chin on my hands.

I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes again it was morning. I sat up running my eyes. Damn I was starving. I got up and walked down the hallway eager to get to the kitchen.

"Mm bacon!" I said out loud as my nose was filled with the mouthwatering scent. I walked into the kitchen expecting to see Nat and possibly Banner but instead I see an unfamiliar figure standing there. "Umm hello?...Can I help you?" I asked. The female figure turned around quickly. "Oh sorry I hope I didn't wake you up! I'm Wanda." She said extending her hand to me. Her Russian accent was thick and I actually found it pretty hot. "Oh! Wanda right....umm what are you doing in the kitchen making breakfast?" I asked.

"Well making breakfast of course." She said tilting her head in confusion. It was adorable.

"No I mean were unconscious. Why are you up when your supposed to be resting?" I asked flashing her a look of concern.

"Oh! I just used too much of my power in the fight. I'm fine now. Thank you for your concern and care." She said giving me a genuine smile. I almost squeeled at how cute she was. I now realized that her eyes were a brilliant shade of blue. They sparkled in the light that was coming in through the kitchen window.

"You okay?" She asked and I realized I was staring. "Oh y-yeah I'm fine." I said blushing and looking down at my feet. She nodded and turned back to the stove. It was silent for a while until she turned to face me again. " Want some breakfast?" She asked. I nodded gratefully. I sat down at the table and she set a plate down in front of me. "You really didn't have to do this." I said digging into the food immediately. "It's ok I wanted to. Besides its the least I could do after you took me and my brother in." She smiled widely.

"Umm yeah about that..." I said and she looked at me confused. "This is uh...this is Avengers/S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters." I said looking down at my plate and moving the food on it around slowly with my fork. When I looked up she wore an expression of complete shock and...sadness? "Y-you work for S.H.E.I.L.D?" She asked. I nodded. "Surely my brother must have told you what our mission was. What we were made for." She said looking straight into my eyes with a serious expression. "Yes he did. You were hurt though. I couldn't just leave you out there to die." I said.

She stared me down. "You knew we were sent to kill you and you still helped us?" She asked. "Well yes. It was the right thing to do and I believe you know deep down that this is wrong." I said. "Wrong?" She asked. "You can't seriously believe killing the avengers is the right thing to do? We are the protectors of the earth! Take us away and the world will fall apart." I said. She sat down across from me and took a moment to process my words.

"There is more out there though than you can even imagine." She said slowly and carefully. "You can't possibly believe the avengers can take care of it all. The world needs something more."

I looked at her and nodded my head. "Maybe your right but we're all the world has and i will protect it until I take my last breath."

She smiled at me "Then I will help you."

I grinned back at her.

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