Your All I Wanted (Jack Gilinsky)

`Emily has been friends with Jack Gilinsky for many years and when she become pregnant at 15 he was there for her. What happens when Emily is having Jack's baby


7. Chapter 7.

Ethan got dropped off at Katherine’s house for the night. Jack left his room unlocked, I walked in seeing pictures of us from little kids and stuff. He had my senior picture on his mirror with us with Ethan at the graduation dang.


Picking up a notebook paper writing a letter to him.


Dear Jack,

This is Emily, I know you possibly hate me right now by keeping that I am having another baby when i told you i’d go down the right path. But this baby isn’t just anybody child it’s your’s Jack! Two months ago at that party for graduation i was with you. This is our baby girl who wants nothing more than to be loved. Ethan told you which sucked for me all cause i was going to tell you later on in the month before i moved away to Michigan with Ethan. If you knew all the time with you being with Ethan made him think you were his father now i sit around watching you with that girl Madison who could’nt care less about you Jack that’s my main problem with that girl. I’ll always love you Jack Finnegan Gilinsky and your baby girl Rihanna Gilinsky hope you like her name your mom helped pick it out, Ethan Thomas, and me Emily Glazer.


    Love Emily Glazer, If you ever need to talk just don’t please this is too hard. Take care Jack and beat your self up please and thank you! since you want to beat up the father for crying out loud


He will always be a piece in my heart damn.

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