Your All I Wanted (Jack Gilinsky)

`Emily has been friends with Jack Gilinsky for many years and when she become pregnant at 15 he was there for her. What happens when Emily is having Jack's baby


6. Chapter 6.

Pulling into the house sitting in the car for a good 20 minutes when my dad come out. He was just a good man when i was down in the dump about 3 years ago when Emily was pregnant the first time.


“Son let’s get inside your having a rough day i see huh?” Dad said


“Yes daddy...not feeling too good.Is mommy home?”


“Yes Jack”


Stepping into the house not wanting to talk to anybody else. Madison has left for new york for her family i couldn't bare seeing her. I loved both Madison and Emily but i loved Emily more thats a bad thing. Madison has gave me her everything to make this age gap work her being 16 and me being 18 going on 19.


Emily has known me for 16 years…..she knows everything about me my favorite snack which was peanut butter and jelly sandwich not  many people know that.


There goes a knock at the door who was it now.




“okay sweetie was going to check up on love you very much dinner in 30”


“Love you too mom”


Laying down crying some more into the pillow , my phone went off the hook from texts.


Jack Johnson”

Yo, coming into town in a few hour mind picking me up or nah?



Yeah i’ll come pick you up later,


Dinner was over with, I was out to pick up Jack from the airport wow it’s been 3 weeks being in town.


Emily POV

Why in hell did Jack just throw up in the bathroom? I tried to see what was wrong with him but he just was crying half the time. Ethan and I brushed it off getting in the car heading out for Sam’s place where Andrea was. Earned it by the weekend played through the car ride.

Andrea, and Sam sat on the couch having a nice conversation about moving out to LA soon after this summer.


“Ethan and I want to move out to LA right baby boy?!”


“Yes mommy but when?”


“When Auntie Andrea goes sweetie”


Playing some video games beating Sam in all games. Jack and I haven't talked since that day been 2 days but oh well. Katherine knows about the baby and so does his father but they haven't said anything. Before i move out of Omaha i’d tell Jack about the baby still scared though. Madison left just last week to spend time with her family i am guessing.


Sam brings out his guitar, i decided to sing shower by Becky G just for fun.


After the cover Andrea recorded i don't even wanna know but Ethan was doing the la dah parts really cute.


“SAM!” Yells somebody from the  front door shit it was Jack. I grabbed Ethan sneaking out the back door. No i can’t see him anymore it hurts me so much to see him happy while i cry to my self at night.


“Mommy i wanted to see JACKIE”


“No Ethan…..just no he isn't worth the time.”


“Yes he is mommy he is my daddy!JACKIE”


“He isn't your father Ethan Daniel Thomas….why do you think that when he just plays with mommy emotions.” Ethan looked at hi crying


“because my real daddy doesn't love you like you do….Jackie loves me”


Jack come out with the others seeing Ethan and I arguing “JACKIE!” He was about to step up from the porch to get Ethan but Sam stopped him.


“Stay away Jack please” I say crying burying my face in both hands. “You ruin everything for me.Why do you always come back and break my heart over again, I loved you so much but you don’t see it at all”


Jack pushed away from Sam with a firm face “What the hell are you saying broke my heart getting pregnant again!”

Freezing in my steps what did Ethan say, i snapped towards him “ETHAN DANIEL THOMAS! you told Jack... he wasn't supposed to know. “


I get in the car slamming the door zooming out heading to my place, packing all my stuff for a little vacation.


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