Your All I Wanted (Jack Gilinsky)

`Emily has been friends with Jack Gilinsky for many years and when she become pregnant at 15 he was there for her. What happens when Emily is having Jack's baby


4. Chapter 4.

With Ethan laying next to me in the mid afternoon, since dinner with Jack things have been distant. Went to a doctor's appointment to check up on the baby my bump was starting to come in this was going to be bad.


he had his head close my belly while holding it, Andrea come in laying in the bed too “Hey Beautiful wanna get out the bed today”


Letting out a chuckle “Yeah sure anything for you Andrea”


Getting dressed in black skinny jeans, a tie dye sweatshirt and a my all back vlados. Ethan had seemed to have been dressed.


Ariana Grande Problem was playing through the car speaker, we were jamming out.


I wanted to get out of the place no better how stressful it’ll be to be away from the Gilinsky family or even mine.


Feeling my stomach thinking of Jack as I sat at the park watching Andrea play with Ethan at the playground. This sucked ass this wasn't supposed to happen but i’ll keep this child no matter with a dad or not.


“Little one it’s mom i know you probably can’t hear me but you're such a blessing not a mistake at all!  Your dad maybe not know about you and all soon he’ll know not today or tomorrow but when the time is right your big brother Ethan is really excited to have a little bro or sissy”


Calling my best friends over sorry but i call my son a best friends, taking out my phone snapping a picture. Sitting Ethan on my lap giving him little kisses on his face making him giggle trying to get away.


“Your not going no where!” I say trickling him a little bit for the fun of it


“Stop mommy haha! Stop that trickles”


“no your my trickle boy!”

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