Your All I Wanted (Jack Gilinsky)

`Emily has been friends with Jack Gilinsky for many years and when she become pregnant at 15 he was there for her. What happens when Emily is having Jack's baby


2. Chapter 2.

Sitting in the living room of the house that we lived in with Andrea. Ethan stood in front of the television watching Phineas and Ferb which had me watching it.

The doorbell rang and Ethan started to run for the window to see it “Mommy it’s Jack!” We went to the door, opened the door seeing him with a michigan navy blue sweatshirt, and grey sweats and black vans. 

“Hey guys” Ethan jumped into his arms not letting go “Jackie you missed a whole bunch of cool shows right mommy?”

I nodded at Ethan chuckling then getting a hug from Jack, he come in taking a seat by me on the couch. Watching the rest of the show of Phineas and Ferb building something over the top, Candice trying to snitch on those boys.

Ethan was passed out on Jack’s lap while the tv stilled played some disney XD stuff. 

“I’ll take him upstairs” Says Jack smiling at me going for the back of the house for Ethan/ My room. He come back to the couch turning to me sadly “He's such a sweet kid nothing like his dad who left him for a trash of a girl Haley”

Ethan dad was nothing but a douche bag who left me after he was born. Jack jumped Ethan’s dad Austin for leaving me alone with Ethan.

“Don’t remind me Jack such a mistake….” I say right as I said that Jack put his arms around me

“Sorry about bringing Madison along she wanted to meet my family”

I nodded my head thinking back to Madison she was really pretty for Jack’s girlfriend the last one was Leigh who cheated on him. 

“It’s cool at least you're with me right now! Thats all that matter to me right now”

Snuggling against Jack, and he kissed my forehead before i fall asleep on the spot it was perfect. 


Racing through the superstore of Walmart with Jack holding Ethan, We had to grab something in the store with his mom. The electronic section was calling us to play it’s awesome stuff haha. Some lady stopped us as we looked at the CD’s.

“Um sorry to interpret but your guys son is so adorable!” Jack and I looked at each other seeing the lady about Jack’s mom age.

“Uh thanks ma’am but his my child haha” I said thanking her before looking down at my stomach. This was his kid I thought to myself.

“Oh god i am so sorry i just thought”

“No ma’am it’s fine i think of him as my kid right Ethan?” Ethan was looking at something “Ethan? "

With that he giggled “Yes”

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