All my life I was told that magic didn't exist and myths were just the stories of old legends. Then, the unimaginable happened. A catastrophic event of unearthly matter raining down upon earth, creating the sparkling blue mist, changing our ecosystem beyond our wildest imaginations.

Magic doesn't follow rules, there is not science to the change. You could wake to find your best friend has transformed into a blood thirsty gargoyle and has already bled their family dry or you could find yourself dancing naked in the forest with the sprites.

Think of fairy tales as prophecies and you might just have a fighting chance to survive the unpredictable myst.


1. Chapter 1

 “If you are watching this then they are coming for you.  They are coming for you unless you’ve learnt to live without electricity.  Switch it off, switch it all off and run.  Run to the countryside, the forest or the hills.  Don’t let my warning die unheard.  My last wish is that my message saves lives.  Go!”

The Polish girl from London spoke into the camera with determination.  Her dark brown eyes were framed by a straight cut fringe and poker straight hair.  Her name was Aniela and her words would be the last that many of us would hear from a screen.  Her video was the last in the world to go viral and if you looked behind her you can see me.

I’m the girl blessed with innocent good looks, snow white hair and pale skin, with my little sister clinging to my leg.  We are the only ones left and Aniela was my best friend.  We’d gone back to London as she had lost everyone and wanted to save others from the sorrow that now filled her heart.  A heavy pain that she could only bare when she felt she was doing something righteous to honour them. 

Just as she warned in the clip, they came.  Just as she said “Go!” the blue mist began to sparkle in the air.  If you look behind Aniela, you’ll see me raise my gun and shoot past her.  The sound echoed down the empty road and Aniela stopped her broadcast to run.  I crouched down to shoot some more and my little sister climbed onto my back. 

The roads were scattered with crashed cars and blood splattered windows.  We’d seen what the mist could do to people and some said those that died were spared from the chaos and turmoil of our ever changing new world. 

“Over here!”  A man shouted from a doorway further down the road. A survivor. Even if we only saved one person then this mission was a success.

I ran towards him.  I could hear the thuds of their heavy paws as they closed in on me.   My little sister squealed and buried her head into my neck.  I knew they were close.  I turned and opened fire on the pack of beasts that once had been men.  They howled and folded over in pain.  It wouldn't kill them but it would give us more time, hope and a chance.  I reached the steps and raced up to the heavy black front door of the tall Victorian building. 

He held the door and shot past me.  His aim was good. I heard the bullet whistle past my ear and one of the beasts fell.  I rushed through the door with my sister, her fingers digging into my shoulder with fear.  The door slammed shut behind me.

“What about Anelia?”  My wide blue eyes flashed angrily at him as I tried to reach past him to pull the heavy looking door open.

“She went the other way.”  He said holding my hand. "Don't kill us. Don't make me regret opening my door."

I eased off. He had kind eyes and I could see the pain that he'd already ensured to enable him to be standing here in a position to save us. My little sister slipped down my back.  As her toes hit the floor, there was an almighty bang as one of the beasts threw themselves against the door.  I jumped and my heart beat urgently reminding me that I was still alive and if I wanted to stay that way, I best get moving.  My little sister clung to my leg and I could feel her trembling.

“This way.”  The guy began running up the stairs and I followed.  He led us up about three flights to a flat at the top.  He turned to face me, “This is me.” He put a key into the lock and opened the door to his flat.  We shut the door behind us.  He ran across to a window on the other side of the room.  “Front seats.”  He beckoned us over. 

We sat on the window seat of the attic window and looked down. From here we could see down to the front of the building. 

We could see the beasts clambering over each other to get through the door, a mash of dark fur on overgrown male bodies.  Then some of them moved around and began punching the window. 

My heart began to thud and I turned to look at the guy with horror as I realised we were trapped.  The windows may be boarded but it wouldn’t take them long to get in and then we would be sitting ducks waiting to be found and torn open by their claws, unless the mist got us first.  The mist would either cause our brains to explode with its high pitch siren song or alter our bodies in unpredictable ways. 

The guy just smiled, “Promise not to tell the cops?”

“What are you talking about?”  I asked flabbergasted.  “What cops?”

"Figure of speech," He laughed.  “Back when we had cops, they didn’t like my choice of gardening, so I have a very good hiding place.”

“Where?”  I didn’t like his casual attitude. It wouldn’t be long before they’d be upon us!

He then tugged up the chimney and a rope ladder fell down. "Ladies first."

We climbed up the chimney, past the soot into a loft. The guy had put down some wood panels from a wardrobe door for us to stand on but otherwise it was just beams. The guy appeared behind us and made his way over to the far corner of the room. Then I hard the blood chilling crackling noise. Our saviour was turning the dial on a radio.  The mist slowly seeped into the small space, drawn towards the electric appliance.  I was terrified for my sister’s safety and had no idea the impact the mist was about to have on us.



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