What if James never fell in love with Lily Evans? What if she was with Severus Snape? What if she had a twin? What if James loved her? But what if she was with his best mate the player Sirius Black? What will James do if Sirius breaks her heart? What if she was the fifth marauder?
*Cover credit goes to C.H. Potter


8. Seventh year

Amanda's POV

I have dated James' ever since the day at the ball.

I made up with Sirius when he told me this was his plan all along.

I'm on the tops of my classes and I know spells people they wish they knew.

Anyways right now I was in the library since I finished potions last year I have a free period.

I stood up walking toward the kitchen because I hadn't had breakfast.

I turned the corner seeing Lily kissing someone. I walked back around the corner watching her.

She pulled away saying," I can't do this she's my sister!!"

'What!!' I thought.

"We can't tell her," said a male voice.

"I know," Lily said regretfully.

Lily walked right past me not even noticing me.

I turned looking who my sister was snogging with.

"James?" I whispered with tears in my eyes.

I walked the corner heading to the kitchen.

"Oh hey Snowflake," James said causally.

"Hey James. Do you have anything to tell me?" I asked looking down not letting him see my face.

"Potions suck do you think you can tutor me," James asked.

"Why don't you ask Lily? She's just below me and Severus in potions," I asked.

"Because I want to spend more time with my girlfriend?" He said wrapping a arm around my shoulder.

"Yeah your loyal girlfriend," I said throwing his arm off me.

I looked up to he could see the tears flowing down my face.

"Snowflake what wrong?" James asked trying to wiped my tears but I just jumped away from his hand.

"My boyfriend was just snogging my sister!!" I screamed at him making his face go pale.


"We're over," I said running toward the Gryffindor common room.

"Sirius!" I called running up to their room.

"Snow what's wrong?" Sirius said as I burst in the door.

"Ja-ames cheated on me with Lily," I cried as he pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry Snow," Sirius said stroking my hair.

"Sirius the worst part is."


"Today's my birthday."

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