What if James never fell in love with Lily Evans? What if she was with Severus Snape? What if she had a twin? What if James loved her? But what if she was with his best mate the player Sirius Black? What will James do if Sirius breaks her heart? What if she was the fifth marauder?
*Cover credit goes to C.H. Potter


9. Idiot

A/N- I'm so sorry for not updating!! But I've been so confused lately. I felt the need to write again so here you have it.


Sirius' POV

"Snow why don't you go find Moony while I go find Wormtail. Ok?" I asked softly. 

She nodded quietly and left. I stormed out of the common room. And everyone in the hallway backed away even the Slytherin's. One thing about Blacks you don't want to see us angry. 

I saw Potter by the Great Hall.

"POTTER!!" I yelled making him turn around.

I looked at his tear stained face and nearly exploded. He's the one who cheated on her!!

I grabbed the front of his shirt and held him up against the wall.

"I'm sick of you hurting Snow!! You have no right to be upset it was your fault!!!!!" I yelled.

"I know it was a stupid mistake," He whispered. 

"No kidding."

"Why?" I asked after a minute.

"Lily is just so beautiful, smart, and kind. So I walked up to her and I made the mistake of kissing her," he says simply wiping his tears.

"She won't forgive you this time Potter. She a diamond that you threw to the side for a stone." I said with a glare then walked away.

Remus' POV

"Remus?" A soft voice came from the doorway of my room. 

"Snow? Snow what's wrong?" I asked watching her choke out a sob.

She crawled over to my side and I put my arm around her. She cuddled in to my side and whimpered out," Lily and James were snogging in the corridor. We're over."

A knock on the door made us look at the redhead walking in the room. 

"Amanda? I so-" she started.

"GET OUT LILY!!! YOU WANT JAMES YOU CAN HAVE HIM!! BECAUSE OF YOU WE BROKE UP!! YOU'RE NOT MY SISTER ANYMORE!!" Amanda screamed with anger glistening in her eyes. 

"FINE!! YOU KNOW WHAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT JAMES DESERVED BETTER THAN YOU!!!" Lily screamed back then stormed out of the room. 

Amanda kept crying and eventually fell asleep.

James walked in. 

"Get out!!" I whisper shouted at him.

"No." He whisper shouted back.

"She wants nothing to do with you!! Go have Lily she'd be happy to have you!" I whisper shouted at him.

"Fine, I will!!" He said walking out.

"I'm sorry, Snow." I said as I looked down at her. 

She stirred and said," Why are you sorry. It's all James' fault."

She opened her electric blue eyes. The only thing that separated her from Lily.

"Sometimes, we apologize for things we have no control over, not because we think we're at fault, but because we think it deserves an apology, and it may not be given by whom it should be given by, but we want to fill that gap, in some way." I said.

"Why are you so smart, Remmy?" She sighed falling back to sleep.


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