What if James never fell in love with Lily Evans? What if she was with Severus Snape? What if she had a twin? What if James loved her? But what if she was with his best mate the player Sirius Black? What will James do if Sirius breaks her heart? What if she was the fifth marauder?
*Cover credit goes to C.H. Potter


10. Actually Happy


   *One Month Later*

   Amanda's POV

   Jily is the new talk of the school. 

     After Remus had yelled at Potter that day he went and asked Lily out. I couldn't believe it when Sirius told me. I haven't talked to Potter or Lily since that day. Sirius, Remus, and Peter have been comforting me the whole time.  

   Anyway I was on my way to DADA with Remus holding my hand and Sirius on my other side joking with Peter.

  Before you ask no Remus and I aren't dating, but he's been my best friend since  him.  

   I walked into the classroom heading to my usual seat in the back with Remus. But the Professor asked us all to stand as she decided new seating arrangements.  

   "Lupin and Longbottom." Remus shrugged and walked over to sit with Frank.  

   "Black and McDonald."  

   "Pettigrew and Griffin." 

   The list went on and on. I then heard something that shook me out of my trance.

   "Evans and Potter."  

   Lily squealed and walked over to a grinning James.  

   I blinked the tears away as the girls in our class squealed about the adorable power couple. Remus gave me a sympathetic look but I just smiled sadly at him.  

   "Evans and Snape."  

   I sighed out in relief and reluctance. I made my way to the desk in front of the to lovebirds.  

  Severus smiled kindly at me. I know what you're thinking," How could you be friends with that git, after what he called Lily!" The truth is I saw as the days went on after that what not having his best friend was doing to him.

   So after that I had a new found friendship with my ex-sister's ex-best friend.  

   I focused as best as I could, but I felt something hit me in the back of the head. I looked at the paper on the floor and opened it.   

   It read,

   "Dear Snow, I just remembered, James is Quidditch captain this year. He's making everyone from the team last year tryout again. Are you up for it? I heard Evans is trying out for your spot as a Chaser. 

   -Sirius Black"  

   My eyes widened then I burst into a fit of giggles for the first time in a month.

    I saw Sirius snap his head at me with a confused look on his face, the same expression on Peter's and Remus'.  

   I quickly wrote a reply.

   "HAHAHAHA!!! Lily trying to take my spot as Chaser. She may be Potter's girlfriend but that girl can't even go 5 feet off the ground without freaking out. Potter would be crazy to get rid of his top Chaser for his slag of a girlfriend.

- A very humored Snow"  

   I quickly tossed the paper to Sirius.

   He read it and gave me a grin. I turned away and actually payed attention. Severus gave me a questioning look. He knew I haven't felt happy since that day one month ago. 

   I whispered in his ear," Lily is going try to take my spot as Chaser on the Quidditch team."   

   He gave me a disbelieving look and then smiled, knowing why I was giggling about it.

*Skip to the end of the Day*    

   I looked at the bulletin board and saw that Potter had scheduled the tryouts for tomorrow(a Saturday). I turned and saw Lily and James eating each other's faces off. ON THE MARAUDER'S COUCH!!      

   This pushed me over the edge. I walked up to the boys dormitory and in to the boys room. I pointed at the three boys and told them to follow me.

   We walked down the stairs, they saw why I was pissed off.   

   They looked just as mad as me. We nodded at each other and walked over to the front of the couch.   

   Sirius cleared his throat making Potter and Lily looked at us.    

   "What do  you want?" Lily spat at me.       

   "Well I would like for you and Potter to to stop eating each other faces off on our," I gestured to Sirius, Remus, Peter, and myself. "couch. This is strictly the Marauder's coach and you're not one. So Bu-bye."   

   Lily looked at me shocked for actually speaking to her.      

   "Well I'm a Marauder, and I would like my girlfriend to be able to sit here." Potter spoke up looking me dead in the eye.     

   "Well, I guess we'll just have to have a group vote. All those who wish Potter and his slag go somewhere else to snog raise your hand." 

    Not only did Remus, Sirius, Peter, and I raise our hands, everyone in the common room did.  

   I watched the pair as the got up and left.  

   "Finally!" I sighed jumping on the couch with the three behind me snickering at my tactics.   

"Childish," I heard one of them murmur.  


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