Behind His Hazel Eyes

Charlotte Lee is your average pretty,popular girl.She's always been hanging around her 5 BFFS and is never caught without them,her guilty pleasure is reading books.Heh,who would of known that would of landed here...


1. Prologue




SPILSH! SPLASH! My white socks were drenched and now almost grey.My dark hair flew wildly behind me and got caught onto a tree branch.DAMN IT! I cursed,annoyed and tugged my hair off,ignoring the pain.THUMP! THUMP! My heart thumped rapidly under my school blazer.Well done Charlotte! You forgot it was the long-awaited netball match.The whole school was dying to see me on the field! AND I FORGOT! Alright,I'm nearly there.I can see Riverdell High coming closer,closer...

I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached my beloved school.I pushed open the brown gat- Wait? WHAT!? It would't budge.I knew it was closed but I still pushed it with all my strength.Nothing happen.I was too late.They'd already started the match and I wasn't there with them.I hit my head,annoyed on the gate.I'm such an idiot- Wait huh...? I saw Amber,one of my BFFS and netball player,walking casually across the road with her childish frog umbrella.She spotted me and looked confused."Charlotte!" she shouted,confused "Get up,you lazy bunny.We'll walk together if you're that upset"."Oh,you're late too?" I shouted,happily back at her.Amber just gave me an even more confused look "...Late for what?" "Umm..the netball match?" I replied.Amber screwed up her face,and then laughed like a dying whale.

"Oh CHARLOTTE you silly banana!" She giggled,cutely,swinging her frog umbrella,splashing more water at me. "The only thing your late to is Miss.Hills telling us it was postphoned to tomorrow because of the rain!"

"WHAT?!" I screamed.Not sure if I should be happy or annoyed.I lay my back on the gate and collapsed on the ground.I might as well be swimming.I was soaking wet from head to toe."Idiot" sighed Amber and passed me a cat umbrella "Not that it will help you with your clothes..or hair problem..."

I poked the ears of the cat umbrella "Do you have an umbrella that doesn't have ears?" I chuckled,happily.

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