Safe me - Liam Payne Fanfiction (COMING SOON)

Safe me.

Nora Willems is a shy girl, she doesn't like to be in the spotlight. She is very kept to herself.
Liam Payne is the schools best rugby player. Popular, ofcourse. Every girl wants him. But he's on the wrong track. Drugs, alcohol and sex. That's all he thinks of. And nobody seems to know why. He's always "of the world" in class. And the teachers start asking questions. They also want to know
what's going on.

Nora gets the mission to figure out what's going on with him. She hates it so much. Why her?! The only thing he does is insulting her. But she can't get him to speak. Until one day, then he opens up to her.
He tells everything. She also understands him, she tries to feel how he feels. But above all of that she realizes that she starts to like him.
She is intrested in him, she wants to get through him.
Will she also safe him after all?


1. Prologue




Nora Willems is a shy girl.

She doesn't like to get attention, she hates it.

She is very kept to herself.

She sees everything that is going on, but she doesn't say a thing about it.

She knows what's going on in each class, but she keeps herself on the background.

She likes it there.



Liam Payne is the most popular rugby player of the school.

Everything he wants can he get, each girl, each lesson, name it he gets it.

He's been off track lately, and nobody know why.

Even his best friend Louis doesn't know about it.

Drugs, alcohol and getting some is all that he thinks of.

He's always high and off the world when he's in class.

It doesn't bother him anymore, he doesn't care.



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