The Beauty Of Farewell- A Ballad Lost Hearts

How many hearts can two souls break?


1. One

Long ago that day
A song crawled in my ear
Kissing the sunset in a pray
The sweetest sweetest one you could hear.

Better than at a breaking dawn
Farewelling the sun
Awn and awn
It folded my heart as the horizon run
Out of light of the drowning spot
There was something different
It was a melancholy strain, a lot. 

The beautiful waves
Warped my tears
Pulling my legs 
Closer to itself for me to clearly hear. 

Blindly my way was made
By the voice my conscience afore-bade 
When it first pricked my ears
With a farewell so beautiful, 
So sad it brought out my tears,
To the shine going cuticle
'Tis a song better than at dawn
I hoped it went awn and awn and awn.

At the tip of mount
She sat
Knees on ground
Her beautiful lips suddenly spat
Infuriating tone cursing the winds
It wasn't a song it was a chit-chat
With someone for her heart stings. 

Familiar her tone was
Long ago described by my mother
The old singer knelt down was
Someone whose tale had shuddered 
My heart, my soul 
This old lady 
Once in a baby princess's role 
Now sitting in dark shady
Sunset, was crying and wailing at them
Who destroyed her as they blasphemed 
Her holy euphoria,
Her only joyful memoria.

The night darkens
And the story flashes
Of no Romeo no Juliet in their pretty garden,
But countless stars beating hardens
Not life of two but the whole universe
Let me start it with a violent verse.... 

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