Shield Asylum (An Avengers AU)

The Avengers in an alternate universe. Through the eyes of an OC of mine.


1. Shield Asylum

Anyone could tell you where Shield was. It was a cold, dark building on the outskirts of town, and should have been shut up years ago. There were only rumours about what went on inside, though. And people liked to keep it that way, since nobody ever wants to know the truth when the truth is horrible.

          My name is Myra Elmslie; I am a doctor at this establishment. To be honest, I’m one of only three doctors here. I work with Dr. Phillip Coulson and Professor Maria Hill. But we all work for the big man, Director Nicholas Fury. I’ve only been working at Shield for a few weeks now. I’d only just got my title as a doctor and was looking for a job and this was all I could find. My family and friends told me that I was making a huge mistake, but I thought of it was just another job opportunity.

          There was at least twenty cellblocks in the asylum, far too many for only four members of staff you’d think. But as I have been told, each member of staff gets four cellblocks to supervise. Out of my four, cellblock 18 seemed to intrigue me. Every patient had a very interesting back-story.

          The twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Wanda had woken up in a state of terror when she was found in a pool of her own blood, while Pietro is always on about how the end of the world is coming. Steven Rogers. He keeps on saying he sees his best friend, James Barnes (who died ten years ago). Robert Banner (most commonly know as Bruce Banner). In frenzy due to him thinking that he’s becoming a monster. Anthony Stark. His work went from being a passion to an obsession in a matter of weeks. Natalia Romanova (most commonly known as Natasha Romanoff). Under the impression that she’d witnessed her own murder. Clinton Barton. A magician who took a step too far in his latest magic trick. And finally, an unnamed man who believes that he’s the reincarnation of the Norse god, Thor.

          From all the stories I’ve heard, theirs are the most unique. But there is one question that haunts me, even to this day. Why me? Why was I assigned the cellblock that people dreaded to enter?

Hey guys, 

As I said in the description I based this off of a set made by ladydeathstrikex on Polyvore, so here's the link it check it out:

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