In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


6. Try to understand!


Harry’s p.o.v. When we are almost  at the house of my aunt and uncle, Louis has tells me in the car in what colors he’s going to paint his room. I liked it.. When we park the car we all step out of the car.  And aunt Katie has opened the door.. She let us in.. First we talk a little and then we eat cake.. After that Liam says we are taking a walk outside the house.. They had a big garden that what he calls outside the house so we are walking in their garden exactly. ‘It’s really fun meeting you Louis’ Liam said.. ‘The same here’ Louis tells him.. ‘Hey Harry, I need to tell you something..’ Liam said to me ‘Shoot’ I tell him.. ‘Well I met a guy and I’m dating him for a month now his name is Zayn..’ Liam said.. ‘That’s great Liam! Can we see a picture of him?’ I asked..  ‘Yes it’s on my phone just a sec I go and get him on my room..’ Liam said.. When Liam is in the house I said: ‘Finely we are alone for a sec.’ I said while smiling at Louis. He steps closer to me and takes my hands.. I look at them. And I smile… He comes closer and I lean in a bit.. Our lips touched. Butterfly’s where flying around in my belly it’s such a good feeling.. We were kissing  very passionate.. ‘OMG!’ we heard and we quick pulled away! Liam saw us kissing! He will understand it will he? Oh now what have we been doing?! ‘Look Liam please try to understand but we can’t tell anyone..’ I said..
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