In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


2. So you are Louis?


Still Harry’s p.o.v. We are walking inside the house..  ‘They are in the kitchen.’ I hear my aunt saying to my mom. So my mom walks into the kitchen and I just follow her.. ‘Hey Anne!’ my uncle says to my mom. ‘Hey Harry! How you doing?’ he asks me.. ‘Hey uncle Paul! I’m fine thanks!’ I say back to him.. I feel that someone is staring at me.. When I left my  head it’s Louis who stared at me.. ‘Hey I’m Anne!’ my mom says to Louis. ‘And I’m Harry’ I say when I pull out my hand to shake his.. When we do that we stare in each other eyes..  He has amazing blue eyes.. I was drinking in them when suddenly my uncle said: ‘You can let each other go now’ he laughs a bit.. I was turning a bit red.. Louis p.o.v. They are really sweet people all much better than my first parents. I like it here.. It’s so warm here just from all the company I think.. The sister of Marry is Anne she looks nice.. And her son Harry he is gorges! I like his lovely curls and when we were handshaking we stared in each other eyes.. He has beautiful green eyes.. When Paul just said we can let go of each other he turn a bit red.. He’s cute when he’s blushing..  ‘Well Harry and Louis go outside and just talk a little with each other..’ Marry said.. Harry just showed me the way to the garden.. There stand a big couch.. He is gonna sit there so I just follow him and sits next to him. ‘So it’s nice meeting you’ he says.. ‘Yes it’s nice meeting you to’ I said back..  he smiled a little.. I  find it cute.. He’s cute.. ‘So are we going to the same school?’ I ask him ‘Yes,It can we have some lessons together..’ he said .. He blushes more.. ‘Can I ask you something?’ I ask.. ‘Eum sure’ he said.. ‘Why are you blushing all the time.. I’m not bothered by it cuz it’s cute..’ I just said that!? I thought to myself.. I feel so embarrassed.. ‘Eum I don’t know why.. Maybe because you are cute to?’ he said to me.. I smiled to him.. He’s so attractive by his curls.. He’s so cute when I just thought that stuff he came closer to me I just let it happen.. Our lips almost touch when Anne yelled from inside: ‘Harry,we need to go home Greg is home soon!’  I quick pulled away from Harry.. Harry’s p.o.v How can I be that stupid to do that! I feel so embarrassed! I stand up.. ‘Hey Harry, can you give me your phone number or something?’ I heard Louis say.. ‘Eum sure here you go!’ I give him my cart and a quick kiss on the cheek and I walk inside to my mom.. I said bye to my aunt and uncle and we get out of the house back in the car..    
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