In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


4. See u tomorrow!


Still Louis p.o.v When I’m done eating I go upstairs and lay in my bed.. I text Harry back.. ‘Hey,I’m done eating.. What are you doing? Love Louis XX’ I get a text back.. ‘I’m on my room I’m not doing much I just said to myself I miss you haha!! I really do! Harry! XX’ I smile when I read the text.. I hear that Paul is yelling my name from downstairs.. I just text back really quick ‘Aww I miss you too!! I’m going downstairs now to see Paul. But please keep texting! I want the feeling you’re here with me! Louis XX’ when I sent that one I go downstairs.. It’s nice whether now.. Paul asks me if I would go with him in the garden. I said yes and we sit  on the garden chairs. ‘So what are your hobby’s’ Paul asked at me.. ‘Ow, I just play the piano a little..’ you replay.. ‘Ok! Do you want to change you room? Cuz I understand you don’t want to sleep in a room like that..’ Paul says.. I smile a little at the question.. And then I hear my phone.. I take him from the table and then replay on Paul’s question… ‘Eum, that would be nice..’ I say.. The text was from Harry and it says: ‘I would never leave you! Why did you need to come downstairs for? XX’..  I text back: ‘We are sitting in the garden now and he just asked me if I want to change my room.. And I said yes because  it’s a little old haha XX’  ‘Who are you texting all the time?’ Paul ask.. ‘Harry!’ I said with a smile.. ‘He’s a nice lad! I’m the only one who knows he’s bisexual.. I’m the only person he trust.. But I think that is going to change now!’ he says with a smile..  He’s bisexual! I think by myself.. ‘What do you mean?’ I ask him.. ‘Well you 2 are texting from before dinner and you keep smiling when you text him..’ ‘I think where going to be great friends..’ I say fast.. Paul rolls his eyes.. and then he says: ‘I’ll go to the shop tomorrow when you and Marry are with you cousin.. So we can start changing the room soon!!’ ‘Great’ I say.. The sun is going under by now… I ask Paul if I could go to my room now he said yes.. Marry is with her friend..  When I’m finely upstairs, I take my clothes off and brush my teeth.. Then I go in my bed and put the cover around me.. I text Harry: ‘He lovely! I’m going to sleep now! I see u tomorrow!! Sweet dreams!! I love you,I miss you!! Louis XX’  A couple minutes later I get a text back that says: ‘Sure love, Love you too and I miss you too!!XX’ I smile at the text and then I fall slowly asleep..  
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