In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


1. In love but it never can come out


Who is he? Harry’s p.o.v. ‘That’s great, Marry!’ I hear my mom saying on the phone.. She is talking with my aunt who is going to pick up her new adopted son… He is a little older than me.. We are going over when they are home, because my mom want that we meet very soon. Because I need to lead him around the school and stuff.. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I need to do it again.. My mom and dad are divorced. And my mom is seeing a new guy Greg is his name.. I think he loves her and she loves him to I can tell. ‘Sure Marry! See u later!!’ My mom said to the phone.. And then she hangs up.. ‘Honey? Go and get ready!! Cuz we need to go they are almost home..’ my mom said to me.. ‘We are going over now?! Mom! They are just home and we are going to bother them..?’  ‘Harry, just go upstairs and get dressed!’ I  roll my eyes and go upstairs.. I but an white shirt on and a jeans trouser. And over that I but my blue blazer and a couple white convers.. That’s nice enough I said to myself and go downstairs again..  I go to the mirror in the living room and I look of my curls are laying good.. i ruffle in my hair and it’s fine.. ‘We’re gone now Harry!’ my mom yells out the hall.. ‘I’m coming’ I yell back.. The way to my aunt’s and uncle’s house isn’t that far away.. I was a bit nervous, because I never saw him.. My mom, aunt and uncle saw him on a picture.. ‘How does he look like?’ I ask my mom.. She smiles I don’t know why maybe because I pay attention to it a bit.. ‘Well he’s a young kid like you, he’s very pretty.. He has a quaff.. Well he looks nice you are gonna like him I think..’ she said.. ‘Ow okay, what’s his name again?’ I asks..  ‘His name is Louis William Tomlinson for now but his name gonna be Louis William Cox..’ my mom tells me.. ‘Okay’ I say and I smile a little.. How I can imagine he’s a really nice guy and pretty.. Well we’ll see later how he looks like.. We are almost there we just need to turn around here and then we are on their house.. They have a beautiful house, it looks a bit like a modern farm but without the animals.. We park in front of the house and then we get out of the car.. My heart skips a beat.. And I even don’t know why.. My mom rings the doorbell and a minute after my aunt Marry came to open the door.
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