In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


5. I miss you!


Harry’s p.o.v I wake up slowly when I hear my mom yell my name.. I step out of my bed and go the hall and I say this: ‘Gosh mom why are you yelling so hard!!?’ ‘God damn it Harry it’s almost noon!’ my mom yell at me ‘Is it noon already? When are we going to see uncle Kyle and aunt Katie?’ I ask her.. ‘Around 2 we need to be with aunt Marry so go and get ready and then come downstairs to eat!’ she says.. ‘I’ll be downstairs in a couple minutes.’ I say to my mom.. I go back to my room and I see my phone in my bed.. I must fell asleep next to him.. When I look at the text I have received I saw that there were 26 text from Louis.. They all said almost the same like ‘Hey! Are u up X?’ or ‘Love, Are you up now? I need you x!!’ I laugh when I scroll down to them all.. I text back ‘Hey I’m sorry love! I was really tired… I see u at 2 later (: You and Marry are going to drive with us to uncle Kyle and aunt Katie.. So we can sit next to each other in the car!! (: X’ I go to the bad room and put my clothes from yesterday on and I brush my teeth.. I get a text from Louis: ‘I wish it was 2 already!! X’ I smile and I walk down the stairs.. I replay: ‘Yes me to I’m going to eat now.. I text you back later! Loves Harry XX’   Louis p.o.v. Later I’m going together with Marry, Harry and Anne to Kyle and Katie they are my uncle and aunt I think because Harry calls them uncle and aunt.. Paul is going to buy stuff for my room later.. I’m going to ask him for red and blue paint.. I’m going downstairs to ask him.. He’s in the kitchen.. ‘Hey Paul!’ I say when I walk in the kitchen.. Marry was getting changed to go.. ‘O,Hey Louis!’ Paul says to me.. ‘So about my room can I have red and blue paint please? I will help you painting!’ I ask him… ‘Sure Louis! Tell me all you want and I go and buy it..’ he says.. ‘Can I have a bed for 2 persons? And a nice carped with stripes? You can choose everything else, for the little stuff I go shopping.. Is that fine by you?’ I ask him.. ‘Of course it is!! I’ll go buy a nice 2 persons bed and a carped with stripes. I get it! And blue and red paint but you are going to help me you said!’ Paul say to me.. ‘Yes I’m going to do that, I promise!’ I tell. You get a text it’s from Harry.. it says : ‘Hey, We are on our way to get you guys up! X’ you smile when you read it.. ‘Is it Harry?’ Paul asks.. I look up from my phone and I reply: ‘Yes,They are on their way..’ I say.. Paul just smiles.. After a few minutes the doorbell rings and Marry is going to open the door.. ‘Louis! It’s Anne you ready?’ Marry yell out the hall.. ‘Yes, I’m coming!’ I  yell back ‘Bye dad!’ I say to Paul.. And when I’m almost at the door I realize that I just called him “dad”.. Wow I felled well here.. When I step in the car Harry sits there to.. I smile at him. He smiles back.. ‘HI, aunt Anne!’ I say.. I saw she was surprised that I called her aunt.. ‘Hey Louis!’ she said back.. And then Marry steps in the car.. Before they see it all I give a quick kiss on Harry’s cheeks.. He’s turning red.. 
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