In love but never can come out! Larry Stylinson *DONE*

It's a story I wrote, about 2 years ago. I just started writing and wasn't that good at it! I uploade it here because, I can have more stories!
Much Love!


7. Come over please?


Come over please? Harry’s p.o.v. ‘Liam Please’ I start again.. ‘We love each other but we can’t tell anyone! Do you understand that you need to keep it for yourself?’ I say with a little fear in my voice.. ‘I’m not gonna tell anyone’ Liam says. Oh thanks to God! ‘Tanks Liam’ Louis says.. ‘Yes it’s fine,but you know that you can’t just stand here kissing each other right?’ Liam says.. ‘Yes we understand’ I said smiling at Louis.. Liam’s p.o.v. I never thought this,but they are cute together. It’s like Mickey and Minnie..  I smile to myself because I think of Zayn..  and I say: ‘So after this, do you guys wanna see Zayn?’ They say yes so I show the pic of me and Zayn kissing. ‘Aww,You guys are cute!!’ Louis says.. Harry just smiles and then he says: ‘Do you parents know from Zayn? Cuz it’s a month that you guys are dating right?’ I look to my hands when he asks that ‘Eum no, Because Zayn is muslim and you know how my parents are.. So I can’t tell.. I say. ‘You got to be kidding me now! They are racist?’ Louis says.. ‘Louis calm down!’ Harry says.. I laugh at how Harry reacts.. ‘Yes they are’ I say. Louis’s p.o.v. I’m in shock that aunt Katie and uncle Kyle are racists.. They are people to!! And if Liam loves Zayn and Zayn loves Liam everything is alright no?! ‘Harry,Louis,Liam’ I hear Marry yell and she steps in the garden… Harry and I  take a step away from each other… ‘We need to go home’ She says We step all inside the house and we say goodbye and then we get in the care and drive home.. Harry and I talk a little and we laugh a lot.. I think I began to really love him.. Maybe he can help me and Paul with the room..  That would be great! When we got home I step out of the car and gave aunt Anne a kiss on the cheek and Harry to. Aunt Anne looked weird at us. It’s kind of funny.. Then Marry and I go inside..  ‘I’m going to start the dinner’ Marry said.. ‘Sure mom, I  just go to dad’  I say.. I have called her “mom” and I saw that she liked it.. I go to the garden there sit Paul.. ‘Hey dad!’ I say  ‘O, Hey Louis! Everything alright?’ he asks me.. ‘I’m fine.. Did you go get the stuff for my room?’ I ask back.. ‘Ofcourse! We can start tomorrow if you want, then you sleep on the couch for three or four nights..’ ‘That great!! Can Harry come to help painting? Maybe it go’s faster when there are 3 people..’ I ask.. ‘Sure, He can sleep over if he wants.. On the other couch. You are going to ask him right? Because you don’t do anything else then texts him’ He says while smiling.. I quick text Harry ‘ Hey love, Do you want to help me with painting my room my dad says that you can sleep over.. but we sleep on the couch please say yes? X’ A minute after I sent it there came on back: ‘YES, that will be fun! When do I need to come?’ I smile when I read the text.. ‘I bet he has say yes, cuz you smiling really hard!’ Paul says while laughing .. ‘Tomorrow around 2 in the noon is fine! I wish it was tomorrow already X’ I text back.. This will be fun !!  
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