If You Don't Swim You'll Drown, But Don't Move Honey....

This is a 5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic inspired by all of their songs and what just pops in my head, so it really has no theme in general and the title is lyrics from She Looks So Perfect because I could not think of a title so read and like and comment and other stuff


4. Chapter 4

I wake up and check the time on my phone, my background was a picture of me and 5 Seconds of Summer. I almost hyperventilate, I thought it was just a dream when I woke up, a really long vivid dream. There was a text from Ashton asking if I want to meet him and the boys out for breakfast and then to a water park.

'Sure, could you pick me up?' I text back and jump out of bed excited, I didn't wait for a reply and started the shower. I hopped out of the shower and jokingly put on a white shirt that says 'I'm with the band' in black and black frayed shorts with converse high-tops. I put on some light mascara and braid my hair into a ponytail.

I check my messages and Ashton said that he would pick me up in 30 minutes, he sent it ten minutes ago so I have about 20 minutes left. I put my black strapless bikini with cutouts into a black book bag and a pair of aviator sunglasses then sit on the couch and watch TV until they arrive.

"Hey." Ashton says casually and walks me to their car, I like how they have a car not a limo.

"Hi." I comfortably say, how could I be so comfortable right now?

"So where do you want to go for breakfast?" Michael asks me and I think.

"Do you like pancakes?" I ask them and they nod theirs heads excitedly.

"Driver, go to IHOP." I demand Calum who was driving and he salutes at me. 

We all listened to All Time Low in the car and they were telling me how they met Alex from the band and how they could get me a autograph. We pulled up to IHOP and Michael stopped in words at the picture of the pancakes on the front of the building and I laugh at him.

"So what would you guys like?" The waiter asks us when we sit down in our seats, we all order and she walks away.

"Hopefully, no one will notice us." Luke says and pauses the music that was coming through his beat headphones.

"I know, I want you guys all to myself." I say and Ashton laughs.

"Your so greedy." Calum fake gasped and slid his phone in his back pocket, no I wasn't watching him.

"I am, if a girl touches you I'll go all hulk. Stay away from all girls, other than me." I say creepily and Calum looked scared.

"Even my sister....." Calum said and trailed off.

"I'm just kidding......." I say realizing that Calum was the only one who took it seriously and me and the other boys laughed as Calums face turned red.

We got our pancakes soon and may have gotten kicked out because we started a food fight.

"Luke, take a picture of this!" I yell to Luke and he takes my phone confused. "When I give a thumbs up, take the picture." I say and go over to Ashton who obliviously had whipped cream on his cheek. I lick it off slowly and give Luke a thumbs up then hear the sound that says he took the picture.

"I hope my face tasted delicious." Ashton says playfully and I lick my lips.

"Tasted amazing." I say and put that picture as my new wallpaper on my phone. Calum laughed at my response and we all got into their car.

"Next, to the water park." Ashton demanded and Calum saluted him.

"I thought you only saluted me...." I say sadly and pout my lip, I took the position of passenger seat from Luke.

"Awww you will always be my salute buddy." Calum said, kissed my cheek, then saluted me. I saluted him back with my face as bright as a tomato. I could see Ashton's face getting red too and I twitch my nose thinking.

we arrive at the water park and I had to separate with the group because I was a girl and had to get dressed in the girls dressing rooms. I walk out and find Luke waiting for me so I don't get separated from the group, they don't trust me.

"Hey." I say casually and he greets me back.

"Do you want to go on a water slide with me?" I ask him excited and he chuckles at me jumping up and down.

"Let's go before we get the boys, Michael says he wants to flip over the float thing and Ashton says he wants to go on every ride with you so you don't get hurt." He explains and we get in the line, I laugh at Ashton's words and look up at the ride. It was huge but I love water rides so I'm not scared at all.

We made small conversation and joked around in the 5 minute line and finally got on the blue raft. They pushed us down the long slide and Luke started to scream like a girl. I laughed so hard throughout the whole ride.

"I will never go on that one again!" Luke yells when I spot the boys by some lockers to put your stuff in, I giggle at him.

"Is Luke being a girl again?" Michael asks me playfully and I laugh at him.

"Yes." I say frustrated and laugh again.

"Luke, be a big girl." Michael explains and Luke crosses his arms.

"But, Mikey I don't want toooo." He says childishly and we walked towards a small ride.

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