If You Don't Swim You'll Drown, But Don't Move Honey....

This is a 5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic inspired by all of their songs and what just pops in my head, so it really has no theme in general and the title is lyrics from She Looks So Perfect because I could not think of a title so read and like and comment and other stuff


2. Chapter 2

I woke up and struggled to get out of bed, once I decided to, my warm feet hit the cold floor and I shivered. I walked down my stairs almost stomping and still half asleep. I decided to eat breakfast today and go out to the mall with Emily, Madison, Amanda, and Katie. 

l get out a granola bar and peel it open slowly, the smell of peanut butter hit me. I threw away the wrapper and poured some orange juice and drank it quickly. I run up to my room to get dressed. I got dressed in a pink tank top that said I had nothing to wear and light jean ripped shorts. I shove my fat feet in my black vans and decided to wear lipstick, my lips were pink to match my shirt almost and I let my hair down natural but parted my hair as I do every morning. 

I wait outside listening to 5 Seconds Of Summer and soon Amanda pulls up in her car. 

"Yo, fat ass get up and let's go." She smiles at me, I know she's just playing. I slowly walk to the car and get in the back seat.

"Where's Katie?" I look around for the red haired little one, she's younger than all of us by a year. 

"Back here." She pops up from behind my seat and I jump. 

"Why are you back there?" I ask curiously, I wan't to be back there.......

"I don't like to be squashed in the back seat." She shrugs her shoulders and continues her job of scrolling through her Tumblr feed. I chuckle a little at her and on the way there we listen to whatever music comes on the radio and talk, it's kind of amazing how we all fit in this car without being suffocated, Amanda has a abnormally large car....

We finally got there and got kicked out of a couple of stores for carrying ferrets around and maybe stealing a ferret from the pet store...

I bought a shirt that had two Popsicles on them but the last one was melting, I got basic skinny jeans that look like their worn out, a mint green pair of Vans, some black RayBan glasses, a All Time Low beanie, and a phone case that said I'm a mess. If your wondering were I got all this money from, my dad gives it to me when I want. My Mom and Dad are divorced so my Dad doesn't give any of the profits of his restaurant to my Mom, but he puts it in a credit card for me. 

"What should we do next?" Madison asks. I think of what to do. OOOHHH, we can play laser tag.

"Let's go play laser tag." I yell excited, I love laser tag. 

"Yasssssssss." Katie says and we start to run to the store that has laser tag, Emily accidentally ran into a garbage can so we had to slow down...

We played about 4 games and let me say, I beat everyone's ass. I am the master at laser tag. 

"That's not even fair, you play laser tag all the time." Emily whines with a pout on her face. 

"I won anyways." I singsong, she growls at me and I laugh. 

"We should go to the beach again, it's actually hot today." Amanda suggested so we all went to my house and they all used my bathing suits, I basically can buy whatever I want.

We got here and there was four boys there, we are usually alone here. 

"Dude that ones hot." Amanda points to a boy with crazy colored hair. I don't see it, her bright green eyes always shine with confidence and she curled her brown hair since I known her. He looked a bit to edgy for her. 

"I don't see it." Katie says and she lays on her towel, half of her was on the sand anyways since she was sharing the towel with Amanda.

They pushed a tan skinned one into the water and then I realize, that is 5 Seconds Of Summer.


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