I want to be a gymnast

I oftener imagined what it would be like to be something else, be a gymnast, be tall, feel free...maybe no one would understand that or take it seriously...
But no matter what I wanted, I always had Calum and so I was glad the way everything turned out...even if i sacrificed a dream or two


6. -6*~

I ended up standing on top of Calum's shoulders. He hand his arms held up so that he could keep hold of my hands. He started to laugh, and when he laughed, his body shook. I screamed, "Ah! Stop laughing, I'll fall!"

"You'll never fall with me" and then he started to laugh again, and I started to laugh again, because we both knew how cheesy it sounded. While laughing, I wobbled more, and my legs, doing what they normally do when I'm high up, started shaking like crazy...but I just kept laughing, Calum just kept laughing, I gripped his hands tighter, and he held mine as if he would never let go.....

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