I want to be a gymnast

I oftener imagined what it would be like to be something else, be a gymnast, be tall, feel free...maybe no one would understand that or take it seriously...
But no matter what I wanted, I always had Calum and so I was glad the way everything turned out...even if i sacrificed a dream or two


5. -5*~

"Can I come down now Cal? The blood is starting to rush to my head"

"Yeah of course you can gymnast"

"Okay, well move out of the way hahahaha"

"No just come down like that, I know what I'm doing"

"Cal, do you want me to kill you? Please move your beautiful face out of the way before I end up destroying it"

He helped lever me back down. Halfway, my feet stayed in contact with his shoulders. "See Cal?", I laughed, "We're in a bit of a sticky situation now"

"I know what I'm doing hahah. Okay Y/N, so If I just hold onto your waist, can you use your hands to walk up the wall?"

"Walk up the wall?! Cal, I want to go down...not up!"

"Do you trust me?"

"Ugh, fine..." And I laughed,and starting moving up the wall, not knowing why, and petrified that I would fall"

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