I want to be a gymnast

I oftener imagined what it would be like to be something else, be a gymnast, be tall, feel free...maybe no one would understand that or take it seriously...
But no matter what I wanted, I always had Calum and so I was glad the way everything turned out...even if i sacrificed a dream or two


4. -4*~

Cal walked in and looked at the empty sofa, and then he looked down at me, out of breath, lying on the floor. He raised his other eyebrow..."What on earth were you doing??" And he started to laugh. I replied, with quite a frustrated tone, "Well I was TRYING to do a handstand...." Calum looked at me in silence and then giggled...."why?" and I could see he was trying not to laugh too much. "Because I could have been a gymnast! I could have been in the Olympics! But it's too hard, I keep falling." He looked up at me. "Here, how about I hold you up?" He set the popcorn down beside my phone, and helped me. So I did a handstand, and this time it worked! And Cal held my legs up. "Look, I'm doing it!" Cal laughed, and even though you would normally be nervous when someone is laughing while holding you upside down...I wasn't. His hands were held tightly around the bottom of my ankles, and I knew I was safe.

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