Aoba's Heart

This is a DRAMatical murder fan-fiction, this is my second fan-fiction, this has Yaoi in it roughly it's KoujakuXAoba, and NoizXAoba. This is when Aoba and Koujaku lives together, I don't know how many chapters I'll write but Enjoy.


3. Noiz

It was around four and Aoba got off early because there wasn't as much customers as usual, today, Koujaku should be home as well because he said to Aoba he had something special planned, so Aoba quickly walked home, really hoping that Noiz was wrong. As Aoba walked on the streets he didn't spot Koujaku at all, he let out a sigh of relief, he knew that it wasn't true, he walked into the house and looked around it was empty. Aoba wondered why Koujaku wasn't home yet, 'Maybe he's running late.' Aoba thought, A little later Aoba sat on the sofa and flipped through the channels of the t.v. A little later Aoba feel asleep, Ren managed to slip out of the bag, he simply walked away from Aoba and walked out of the house. Ren waited until he was far away then he turned into his online mode, before he went anywhere near town he took the clothes that he had taken from Aoba earlier and put them on. Ren walked all the way to Granny's house, he knocked on the door, Granny walked to the door and opened it. "Ren..? What are you doing here, if your checking up on Sei's health..then he's doing great." She said in a very calm but welcoming voice. "Tae, Have you seen Koujaku around? Aoba is worried and I'm afraid that it's not good for Aoba's health or mind." Ren said while walking in and crossing his arms, he wondered why Koujaku still wasn't home, this wasn't like him. "Hah, That stupid grandson makes me worry everytime!" Tae seemed a little upset about Koujaku suddenly disappearing, she suddenly realized that Noiz and Koujaku never gotten along. "Wait, you don't think Noiz has anything to do with this..?" She added while remembering that one time where Noiz and Koujaku had fought in Aoba's room, boy, now that was extremely noisy. "Tae, Noiz isn't that low, even if he tried Koujaku is stronger." He said while giving a nod to Sei who peeked out of the living room, wrapped in a huge fluffy blanket, since he was Aoba's twin he was worried too, he wanted to see Aoba but right now but he has the flu. Tae told him that he can see Aoba in three or two days depending on how he felt. "You think, I say that they were rather equal." She said as she pushed Ren into the living room, taking a seat on the couch.

On the other hand, Aoba has just awaken from his sleep and looked at his coil for time, his eyes widen to see how late it is, but the house was still empty. Aoba became near heartbroken because it seemed like Noiz was right, Koujaku really was cheating on him, if Koujaku wasn't with any girl right now then he would've been home, he called Noiz on his coil. "Hello..Aoba..?" Noiz said as he wasn't expecting his call, Aoba took a deep breath and began to explain that he was right and how Koujaku wasn't home yet. "Mm..that is weird, hold on..I'm coming over." He said as soothing as he could manage, in about twenty minutes, Noiz walked into the house, he frowned when he saw Aoba because it looked like Aoba has been crying for a long time, he walked up to the sofa and sat next to Aoba. "Aoba..please don't cry.." He forced a sad smile then wiped away Aoba's tears, he pulled Aoba into his arms, rubbing his back, 'this was unforgivable, making Aoba cry like this, how could Koujaku do this to someone as sweet as Aoba?' Noiz thought, he looked at Aoba. "Hey, how about we go out for some ice cream?" He asked while pulling back from the hug and continues to wipe his tears, Aoba put on a sad smile and nodded. "That'll be fun." He then said, he got up with Noiz then approached the door. Noiz opened the door for Aoba.

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