Aoba's Heart

This is a DRAMatical murder fan-fiction, this is my second fan-fiction, this has Yaoi in it roughly it's KoujakuXAoba, and NoizXAoba. This is when Aoba and Koujaku lives together, I don't know how many chapters I'll write but Enjoy.


5. Koujaku's despair

Koujaku sat at his house looking at all of the photos of him and Aoba together, that day when he got that call he quickly left, he couldn't believe that Aoba got hit, 'who's the maniac who was driving that car?' Koujaku thought. Koujaku just wanted to ask the girls what they thought Aoba would enjoy, he didn't realize he was out that late that night. He should've at least called but most of all he was completely heartbroken that Aoba lost his memory of him, what he didn't understand was why Noiz was with Aoba, Also why didn't Aoba forget only about him. Koujaku was sure that Noiz had something to do about this, immediate rage built up inside of Koujaku. He should go give Noiz a piece of his mind, he's not going to let Noiz screw around with his love life, 'Noiz is just jealous that I'm dating Aoba.' Koujaku thought, instead of just sitting there Koujaku looked once more at this photo of Aoba and him setting there together, he was holding Aoba so close in this photo that he felt depressed that he can't even get close to Aoba now but he's not going to give up, he'll make Aoba remember him. Koujaku wanted to go to the hospital but he just remembered 'only on visitor at night' rule, tomorrow he will get his revenge on Noiz, he laid down in the bed, he felt lonely but he shook off the feeling, he needs the energy so he could show Noiz what he gets for messing with him and Aoba's relationship.

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