Aoba's Heart

This is a DRAMatical murder fan-fiction, this is my second fan-fiction, this has Yaoi in it roughly it's KoujakuXAoba, and NoizXAoba. This is when Aoba and Koujaku lives together, I don't know how many chapters I'll write but Enjoy.


6. Beautiful Memories

It was the next morning, the sun was shining a beautiful color in Aoba's room; in Aoba's room stood one man, one with a darkish-red color, it was Mizuki. Mizuki was sitting in the chair, he was having a conversation about Aoba's past and how they were friends before the accident, he talked about how badly he wanted Aoba to join, Dry Juice, he also said how Aoba was there after he used scrap wrong on him, Aoba was slowly remember his fuzzy memory about the people around him, even though Aoba remembers Mizuki, Mizuki just wanted to make sure his memories about him was true. Suddenly the door slides open; in comes Koujaku, waving at Mizuki then smiles at him, Mizuki says his farewells to Aoba and walks out of his room. As soon as Mizuki left, Koujaku sat down in the chair, he started to tell Aoba about that he was Koujaku and he came back because he heard of the accident. "You could've just said so, sooner!" Aoba said with a big smile, "Well, I was just really worried that I didn't know what to say." Koujaku replied with a smile as well. "So, Hey, Koujaku, did I really have Noiz as a boyfriend, as far as I could remember we never confessed our feelings before." Aoba said while scratching the back of his head, "Well, the truth is that He was jealous of your ex-boyfriend so he got rid of him, but he's not dead.." Koujaku said as he looked down, just admitting that Noiz did get his way. "Who was my old boyfriend?" Aoba asked. "Umm, Well..He left..He moved away, he felt like it was best..for you" Koujaku said sadly, he stood up, he turned towards the door, "I should go, it's getting know how the lady's are when I'm late to open the shop." Koujaku said walking out of Aoba's room, he had to made a choice, he wanted Aoba to be happy but he also needed Aoba, Aoba was everything to him. "Koujaku, wai-" Aoba called after him but stopped because it was too late, he already left. He felt this way before but when, when did he feel so lonely to see Koujaku leave, he sighed, wondering when he'll be able to leave the hospital. The door opens again but this time is was Noiz, he was back with some bags of food, he places the bags on the table; he then walks up to Aoba, he gently comes down and kisses him. "Missed me?" He asked with a smile, Aoba rubbed his lips; he nodded to avoid any trouble with him, he decided to keep Koujaku's visit to himself, He feels like his feelings are all twisted up, He likes Noiz but he loves Koujaku, he wanted Koujaku here instead of Noiz. That one day When Koujaku said that he was his boyfriend, that was probably the truth, He decides to believe in Noiz still, until he can remember he will date Noiz but if it ever feels wrong he'll stop.

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