Aoba's Heart

This is a DRAMatical murder fan-fiction, this is my second fan-fiction, this has Yaoi in it roughly it's KoujakuXAoba, and NoizXAoba. This is when Aoba and Koujaku lives together, I don't know how many chapters I'll write but Enjoy.


2. A Surprise Visit

Aoba was sitting in his normal spot, waiting for any calls or a customer to come walking in, he was thinking of Koujaku, he really couldn't wait to get home. The bells on the door rung as the door opened, a boy around his age walks in, Aoba instantly knew who this was. "Hey, Noiz." Aoba said as he looked around for anyone else, he was expecting Clear to drop by like usual but it was only Noiz. "Yo, Aoba, we need to talk." He said quietly as he approached Aoba's desk, Noiz looked the same but something was off, he smiled every time he saw Aoba without Koujaku but when Aoba was with Koujaku he always frowned. "Talk? About what?" He asked as he put his elbow on the desk, this reminded Aoba of the time when Noiz kissed him. "Well..I saw Koujaku.." Noiz avoided eye contact "..I saw Koujaku with another person." He added as he continued to avoid eye contact. "I-is it a girl?" Aoba stuttered and asked trying not to concerned Noiz. "Yeah..he had his arm around her.." He looked over to Aoba, then walked over to him and placed his hands on Aoba's cheeks. "I-that can't be true..I'll ask soon as I get home." Aoba said while feeling a bit uncomfortable from Noiz's hands touching his cheeks, now he really wished his day was over so he could escape this awkwardness and make sure that Koujaku isn't cheating. "Okay, well I have to go, here's my number just in case." He said as he turned his back, staring to walk away with a big smile on his face, he didn't like Koujaku so every dirty detail he could find about him, then tell Aoba made him happy, because it made it possible that Aoba and Koujaku would break up. Aoba sat Impatiently, really wanting to make sure that what Noiz was saying wasn't true.

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