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Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


9. Chapter 9


I APOLOGISE THIS TOOK LONG!!! I WAS AT A PARTY BUT MY PHONE WAS GONNA DIE SO I COULDN'T. On the side note, some girl was checking out BOTH of my cousins, she said hi to both of them but not me and we were sitting all together. Like wtf...




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Luke's P.O.V.


"Luke! I may or may not have spilled pancake mix and syrup all over my clothes!" Aleisha shouted from the kitchen

"Really?" I shouted back

"Yes! Can I borrow a shirt or something?"

"Go ahead! Put the clothes in the wash too!"


After a couple minutes she came back into the living room only wearing my red and black checkered flannel. We both sat by the coffee table and ate the pancakes she made, they were okay but I liked when Summer made hers with chocolate chips. While we were eating someone began knocking on the door. Aleisha went up to go get it.


Summer's P.O.V.


Aleisha narrowed her eyes at me "What do you want?" She hissed

"Oh, well who invited the devil?" I asked

"Luke let me spend the night." She smirked "Something you two probably have never done."

"Actually, that's where you're wrong, I used to all the time."

"Oh well lucky you." She muttered while rolling her eyes

"Aleisha! Who's at the door?" I heard Luke shout

"Oh! It's just Summer!" She shouted back

I heard footsteps running over to the door, Luke shooed Aleisha out of the way and looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes "Summer." He whispered

"Hi Luke." I blushed

"What are you doing here?" He asked

"Well, I wanted to talk to you privately but it seems like you have some company." I said, darting my eyes to Aleisha

"Oh, okay. Maybe tomorrow?" He suggested

"Yeah, okay." I said and walked away


I was a total idiot for going to Luke's house. How could I have not known that Aleisha would be there? I was too busy in my own world to care. I was too self-centered to think about anything or anyone else but me, my own problems and nobody else's.

After getting home I just wanted to cry, cry because I was being stupid. I was blinded my all these other boys around me that I didn't realize that the one that meant and cared for me the most was right in front of me until I lost him. Lost him to a girl who doesn't even like him and just wants to gets revenge back at me.




Luke and I both awkwardly sat in his living room. Not saying anything. No words came from either of our mouths. It was silent, the awkward kind, something that rarely happen between us. But I broke it by saying:


"So um, Aleisha," I began "did you two um...?"

His eyes widened at my words "What? No! Of course not." He reassured

"Then why was she wearing your flannel?" I asked

"She spilled some stuff on her clothes." He shrugged

"Oh." Was all I said, I felt embarrassed after asking him that question

"What did you want to talk to me about?" He asked, changing the subject because he probably knew how awkward it felt

"Oh well, I'm sorry I didn't believe you." I told him "I knew I should've trusted my best friend, so I broke up with him."

"What? No way..."

"Yeah, my heart told me to do what's right."


"Then the next day I was standing at your front door." I sighed "I can't believe I was blinded after these five years we've known each other."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Luke, I love you."

"Summer... I-I don't know if I should actually say whether I do back or not."

"I know you're with Aleisha but I have to tell you that she's just using you." I was afraid that he wouldn't believe me but deep down I knew I had to have some hope


Luke's P.O.V.


I love Summer, I really do. But if I broke up with Aleisha she'll make a big scene. I knew she didn't like me, I've been dating her for two weeks and I realized that recently. I also realized she really does hate Summer, by the way she looks at her you can tell. Since she asked me out I would've felt bad rejecting her, and she was one of the most popular girls at school so she could've made my life miserable.


"I'm sorry, Summer." I said

She slowly nodded her head and came closer "It's okay." She whispered

I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head on my shoulder "I understand."

"But I really do love you, I always have."

"Really?" She asked

"Yeah, but Aleisha was the who asked me out. I've been wanting to ask you out for the longest time."

"What happen?"

"I thought you would say no."

She let out a little laugh "Why would you think that?"

I shrugged my shoulders and pouted my lips "I just don't think I'm your type."

"If you weren't my type then we wouldn't even be best friends!"


"So, what about Aleisha?" She asked me


Awwwwe this is cute. Should I continue after this chapter? Because I think that's basically it, unless you guys want me to keep going...? Or I can start on a new book :)

Yeah this chapter is crappy, sorry😅

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