Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


6. Chapter 6


Summer's P.O.V.


I was hanging out with Derek the evening Luke had to raincheck. Him and I haven't been hanging out lately since he's been busy but his schedule cleared up, and I glad. And hour or two after school ended he tried calling me but I ignored the calls, next he tried to text me but ignored those too. I was spending time with my boyfriend and I didn't want Luke to be an interruption.




In the morning when I got to school Luke sat leaning against my locker. He was also holding a giant version of my favorite chocolate, Hershey's Cookies n Creme. When I approached him he stood up straight and shyly smiled.


"I tried calling and texting you." He said

"Yeah I know, I was with Derek." I told him

"Are you mad?" He asked "Cause you would usually call or text back afterwards."

"As a matter of fact, I am." I nodded

"Why?" He asked me

"Cause you're hanging out with Aleisha, and I told you already."

"C'mon Summer, you can't be mad forever." Luke groaned in frustration

"Actually, yes I can." I said and crossed my arms

"I got your favourite chocolate?" He said, holding up the giant chocolate bar

"Hmmm," I hummed "I'll make an acceptation if you share it with me?" I suggested

He nodded "Anything for you."

"Then how about studying afterschool?" I asked

"Of course, I need my study buddy for the big test."




During lunch I sat with Kath, Stella and Derek. Luke went to play football with Calum and Michael. While I was eating Derek got up and was about to leave until I grabbed him by the jacket.


"Where are you going?" I asked after swallowing my food

He shrugged "I'm just gonna, ya know, hang out with some mates up at the field." He told me

"But we barely spend time together."

"I know babe, but hey, I love you." He said, I nodded and watched him walk out of the cafeteria


Luke's P.O.V.


During lunch I hung out with Cal and Mike. We were playing football (soccer). After we finished we rested under a shady tree, breathing breathily while drinking our water bottles. While Calum was drinking his water he pointed something out to me. When I looked towards the direction he was pointing I knew right away who it was... Derek, with some girl that wasn't Summer.


"He just crossed the fucking line." I muttered

"We should tell Summer." Michael suggested

"I don't think so, she'll be devastated." I told him

"So first you wanna do something and now you wanna do nothing?" Calum asked

"No, I want to, but not yet."

"Why not dude?" Michael asked

"It just doesn't seem like the right time."


Two chapters in one day whoooooo!! I feel so proud of myself.

Weather here where I live is so bipolar, I hate it. Like this morning it was sunny then an hour later it's raining then sunny with some wind then it's raining. Luckily I didn't have to take the bus home :D

~Amanda. Idek why I put my name when I'm the only person on this account lol.....

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