Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


5. Chapter 5


Luke's P.O.V.


Just before class started Summer and I sat in our little hideaway behind the baseball field. Our hideaway was hidden by several trees and the baseball pits. We sat in silence, just watching as kids slowly began to roll into school. Summer broke the silence by saying:


"So, what did you and Aleisha talk about?" She asked

"Nothing really." I shrugged "Well, nothing important."


"Yeah, if it was then I would tell you."

"Okay, good."

"Why?" I chuckled "Is somebody jealous?" I joked, elbowing her

"No, of course not."

"Don't worry, we only hang out during school."




After lunch I walked Aleisha to her class since her classroom was on the way to mines. We stood by the classroom entryway and talked about pointless things until her teacher told her to come in.


"So Luke, if you're not busy afterschool do you want to go get some ice cream or something?" She asked me as she bit her bottom lip

"Are you asking me out on a date?" I asked

"If it's just the two of us then, yes I am."

I nodded "Um, sure." I said

"Okay! I'll see ya later." She waved before entering the class


Summer's P.O.V.


I waited for Luke to come to class. He was late, I became worried. I impatiently tapped my foot and watched the doorway, waiting for him to come. The door opened and Luke walked in, a wave of relief rushed over me. He took his seat next to me and took out his notebook.


"Where were you? You're late to class." I asked him

"I know, sorry." He apologized "I was walking Aleisha to class."

"I waited for you at my locker but you never came." I told him, my expression saddening

"I'm sorry, Summer." He said but I ignored him


How could he “forget” to walk me to class? He does it everyday! So he couldn't have forgotten. I have a feeling something is up with Aleisha and it's not something good. Aleisha never liked me, I always beat her in everything. Our life's were like a competition against each other. Whenever she had something, I had it before. But that was in Year 1 to Year 8 (first to eighth grade). We agreed once we hit Year 9 we would stop with all of this and just stay out of each other's life. But I have a feeling she still wants revenge.


I leaned over to Luke's seat and whispered, "So still up for studying afterschool?" I asked

His facial expression was blank and he shook his head "Shit, I forgot about that." He said "Aleisha asked to go get ice cream afterschool, can we um raincheck?"

"You know what? Just forget about it." I told him and leaned back over to my seat

"Summer, I'll make it up to you."

"No Luke, I don't want you to make it up to me. And I'm sorry to say this but if you keep hanging out with her we can't talk."

"Wait, what? Summer, you can't be serious."

"She's always hated me, Luke. Ever since Year 1."

"I know, but maybe things can change."

"We'll talk more about this after class." I told him and continued scribbling notes into my notebook


Forty-five minutes later the bell rang. School was officially over for the day. Luke walked me out and we both went to my locker, I'm surprised he didn't leave to go on his little date with Aleisha. He tapped the lockers while I put my stuff away and looked at me, like he was expecting me to say something.


"What?" I asked him

"Well?" He said

"Well what?"

"You said we'll talk more about this."

"Oh yeah," I said "Luke it's happening again, she's trying to take you away from me."

"Like Year 9? Oh my god, seriously?" He said and rolled his eyes

"Yes! She hates me! She's just using you."

"Okay Summer, if you don't believe me about your boyfriend then why should I believe you about Aleisha?" I opened my mouth to talk but didn't say a word, I didn't know what to say, he was right "That's what I thought." He muttered and walked away


I'm losing my best friend all over again, just like in Year 9. This couldn't be happening, this couldn't be real. I watched him walk down the hall until he turned the corner so e was out of sight. I continued to put my stuff away then went to the front of the school and began to walk home with Stella and Kath.


Luke's P.O.V.


"So are still gonna ya know, “spy” on Derek?" Calum asked me

"Nah Cal, maybe next time, when I actually care."

"I thought you did, you told me you fell in love with Summer but now you're all bleh."

"I've got a date with Aleisha."

"What? No way! Getting it with a popular one, eh?"

"So we'll be putting the Derek and Summer problems on hold."

"Then I'm guessing you don't actually know what love is." Calum told me, he saw Aleisha walking towards us "Have fun on your little date." He scowled and walked to his dad's yellow hummer

"Hey Luke." Aleisha smiled as she walked up to me

"Hey." I said back


"You're driving?" I asked

She nodded "Since you don't have a car."




After my ice cream “date” with Aleisha I tried my best to contact both Summer and Calum. But nether of them responded. So when all else fails I call Michael and complain to him about my problems and he just “listens” while playing his video games. I starting to worry that the love of my life and my mate were starting to hate me.


So I tried to make this chapter a bit longer since all my chapters are short but I failed lol... But no need to fear! I'm gonna make them longer.

DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!.. What do you think will happen next? After this fanfic who should I do? I was thinking of doing a Calum fanfic after because that's what I specialize in :) it's 2:37 a.m. here and I should be sleeping, whoops. #TeamNoSleep so I am currently working on the next chapter yaaaaaay. I also updated the cover because the other one was too basic

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