Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


4. Chapter 4


     Summer's P.O.V.


"Luke, stop." I said as I continued to walk down the hallway

"But Sum, please listen to me." Luke begged

"Why should I listen when you've been trying to break us up?"

"Maybe you should consider what Luke has to say." Katherine said

"See! Even Kath is on my side." Luke exclaimed

"I don't have any right to believe you."

"C'mon Sum-"

"No Luke, I just want a normal school day without talking about this."

Luke took a deep breath and let it out, he shook his head in agreement "Okay, fine." He sighed

"Thank you." I smiled as the three of us entered the classroom


   I honestly did really want to believe Luke, I saw it in his eyes. He was right, he would never lie to me. But then again I should believe my boyfriend...

   I watched as Luke took his seat. He turned around around to talk to our classmate behind him, a girl, a pretty one. I clenched my fists and took deep breaths to calm myself, was I actually getting jealous of some random classmate talking to Luke? No, I shouldn't, but then again I feel like I should. I turned back around and began to write down the notes on the board to clear my mind. I hated this feeling and for one thing, I'm in a relationship so I shouldn't be getting jealous. Sometimes I hated this effect Luke had on me, sometimes I just wanted to kiss him, cuddle with him (like how couples would- not just friendly cuddles).


     Luke's P.O.V.


As I sunk down into my seat, Aleisha, the girl who sits behind me tapped on my shoulder "Hi Luke!" She smiled brightly

"Hi Aleisha." I smiled back




   During lunch I hung out with her instead. We sat under a shady tree by the football (soccer) field. She was really friendly and funny, not to add pretty too. When I told Summer I'd be hanging out with Aleisha today she didn't really seem to like the idea but it didn't really matter since she has a boyfriend and we're just best friends...


     Summer's P.O.V.


"He hung out with Aleisha today!" I told Katherine on our walk to Stella's house

"It doesn't really matter since you just so happened to want to hang out with Derek today." Katherine replied, sounding annoyed

"But still..." I grumbled and crossed my arms

"He has the right to hang out with whoever he wants." Katherine said, I knew she was right but I just couldn't face the fact that one of the most prettiest, popular, girls want to hangout with my Luke (Yes, I do claim him and he knows it).

"I know,I'm just afraid that they'll hang out more and get together."

"Oh my god, you're such an idiot." She muttered

I stopped to look at her, I was awfully offended by that "What?" I asked her

"Luke has a crush on you! Isn't it obvious?"


   My head my spinning. my heart was racing, my mind felt full of excitement. How can it not be more obvious? How could I not notice? Everything he was doing was because he likes me. I felt like I liked him back, but thoughts of Derek came racing back into my mind and so I shook it off. This was insane.


   Hey lovelies! Sorry for the lag. I had to write this chapter like five times because it kept deleting :( But at least it got better and better? WellIllllll at least I think it did. Sorry this chapter is terrible but I wanted a plot twist so there you have it.



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