Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


2. Chapter 2



     Luke's P.O.V.


"Is somebody jealous?" Calum smirked

"I'm not jealous." I mumbled

"That's exactly what a jealous person would say." Michael pointed out

"It's just that Summer could do much better."

"Maybe she doesn't want to." Ashton pointed out


   Ashton turned the corner and drove passed several house until he reached Summer's. He turned around and smiled, looking at Michael then me.


"Just let her be," he reminded "we know her friends and you don't like him but we can't really do anything about it."

"I'll try my best. Thanks." I said before getting out and running to her front porch


   I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell a couple of times before Summer came to answer the door. She beamed me a smile and gestured me to come in.


"How was the date?" I asked

"He didn't bail on me last night." She told me "We had fun and he took me a lovely fancy restaurant."

"Can he actually afford that?" I chuckled

"I wasn't finished," she frowned "I paid because he asked me to so I'm broke and we can't go bowling."

"See! Another reason you should breakup with that jerk." I suggested "A guy should never have a girl pay. You know I'd never do that."

"You're my best friend, isn't that enough?"

"Even you're friends like me better."

"Speaking of friends, they're upstairs."

I took a deep breath then breathe out "I'm guessing that's staying."

she gave me a thumbs up and smiled again "You're correct. And try to talk to Stella, she likes you."

"But wouldn't that be leading her on? I don't like her... In that way."

"I said just talk to her, not have a full-on makeout session, sheesh."


I followed her up the stairs and down the right hallway until we reached her bedroom door. Right when we got in a sink into her purple beanbag chair in the corner. I say there quietly looking around the room just to avoid talking to them. I looked around her room at the posters and pictures on the walls, including vinyls too. Her poster consisted of State Champs, All Time Low, Nirvana, Sublime, Lower Than Atlantis, Sleeping With Sirens and plenty of other amazing bands/artists we both loved. Just another thing to like about Summer; we had a lot in common.


"Hey Luke." Stella waved

"Hi Stella." I said, still continuing to look around until my eyes laid on Summer

"Talk, be nice." She mouthed, I shook my head and she narrowed her eyes

"So Stella, Katherine, what do ya think of Sum's boyfriend?" I asked

"He's an asshole." Katherine stated

"He doesn't even talk to us so whatever." Stella said

"I always thought you two would be together." Katherine said, signaling to Summer and I

"But they're a just friends." Stella reminded as she tensed up after hearing that

I looked over to Summer who was leaning against the wall with her arms folded "Everybody thought we would be too," she said "I'm used to hearing it."

"But like seriously, Summer, if I were you I'd dump Derek. He doesn't even have a good job that pays well. You'll never go anywhere with him." Katherine told her

"Things can change over time." Summer said

"I still don't get how you can like a jerk like him." I mumbled

"I still don't get how your still my best friend." Summer snapped

"Well we don't have to be best friends, I'm just looking out for you Sum." I defended

"Looking out for me? Luke please, I know you're jealous."

I looked towards Katherine and Stella for help but they ignored me, I knew they didn't want to get into our argument "I'm not jealous."

"Are you sure? You're always telling me how I'm too good for him and I should be with you."

"If I was jealous would I do this?" I said and stomped over to Stella, I quickly cupped her face and kissed her then pulled away "Sorry." I whispered to her

"You're so unbelievable Hemmings." Summer said, rolling her eyes "Leave, I want you out."

I pushed passed Summer and stopped at the doorway of her bedroom "Gladly." I said walking down the stairs and slamming the front door behind me


   I stood outside her front door waiting, just thinking she'll open the door and apologize because I was ready to. I waited for a good ten minutes until I lost hope because I knew Summer too well that she was super stubborn. I began my walk home and turned back to look at her house one more time before actually leaving...


Hey guys! This chapter is pretty crappy but oh whales! Hope you like it :) ROWYSO Tour just started! Are you going to any? There's an ATL concert today in my city and I don't have tickets :( ALSO I'M SORRY THIS CHAPTER IS SHORT AS WELL. I'M A REALLY CRAPPY WRITER

~ Amanda






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