Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


12. Chapter 12


Summer's P.O.V.


As I approached the front of Luke's house the curtains were open and the lights were on. As soon as I looked in I dropped the rose I was holding. It was someone I didn't want to see. I watched as she stepped closer and closer to Luke. He didn't make a single movement. I continued to watch, then I knew I saw this coming... She kissed him.

I picked up the rose from the floor and threw it at the window, causing both of them to look. Luke rushed to open the door but I ran off before he could catch me. Luke officially broke me after that. I can't believe Aleisha was there with him and he did nothing in his power to stop to her from kissing him.

My house was too far to walk so I decided to go to Kath's house that was nearby. When I got there she noticed I've been crying so she opened up her arms to me. After an hour of spilling out my feelings to her we ended up watching The Fault In Our Stars with tubs of ice cream to eat. I was unable to focus on the movie because Luke kept trying to call or text me. Every time I was tempted to answer Katherine would stop me.


"He's being an ass," she said "don't answer."


"No buts, give me your phone." She ordered and I gladly handed it over

"I'm keeping this while we watch."


Luke's P.O.V.


"You did this on fucking purpose! You set her up!" I shouted at Aleisha

"I have no idea what you're talking about." She said in her most fake innocent voice

"Why'd you do it?" I asked her

"You broke up with me because of her so it was a little revenge."


I tried my best to contact Summer but she didn't answer. I kicked Aleisha out, she couldn't face the fact that I don't like her. I invited Calum over and borrowed his phone to see if it made a difference. After a few rings someone answered:


"What do you want Cal?" An familiar but not so familiar voice asked

"Who's this?" I asked

"Luke? What the fuck do you want?"

"Who's this?" I repeated

"It's Kath you dipshit."

"Kath, can I talk-"

"No you may not." She interrupted and the line went dead

I handed Cal back his phone "Thanks mate."

"Well?" He asked

"I didn't get to talk to her, Kath hung up on me."

"You'll see her at school."




I waited for Summer at her locker, I watched as she came closer but turned back the other way once she saw me. I ran after her but lost her in the huge crowd in the busy hallway. I stood there and saw Katherine coming so I began to walk with her. She seemed pretty pissed at me too.


"Can you-"

"Nope." She interrupted


"No buts, you broke her."

"I can ex-"

"I don't want to hear the classic "I can explain" or "it's not what it look or sounded like.""

"Kath, please just-"

"No, leave-"

"Stop interrupting me for fucks sake!" I snapped

She stopped in an empty hallway and narrowed her eyes at me, I stepped back and was prepared to face her wrath "I'm listening," She smiled "whoever can stand up to me deserves some slack."

"Aleisha set up Summer."

"Says the one who let her in your house?"

"I know, I'm an idiot."

"Why didn't you stop her from kissing you?" Kath asked, raising an eyebrow

"It totally caught me off guard, I was surprised."

"Well, what do you want me do?"

"Please talk to Summer for me."

"I dunno, Luke"

"Katherine, please."

"But if she finds out I was talking to you behind her back then you're dead meat."



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