Just Saying

Best friend, Luke Hemmings hates Summer's jerk of a boyfriend. Her friends even prefer Luke over him. He's always trying to find ways to blow his secrets and lies he's been telling Summer. In the end will Summer believe Luke?


11. Chapter 11


Since everyone is telling me to update I'll update this one last time. Enjoy!


Summer's P.O.V.

As I closed my locker door someone was leaning against the locker next to me, it made me jump a little bit. It was someone I was hoping never to see... Aleisha. She stood up straight and narrowed her eyes at me.


"What do you want?" I asked as I put my notebook into my backpack

"I heard you and Lukey got together." She said

"Lukey?" I chuckled

"Just 'cause we're not dating doesn't mean I can't call him that."

"Look Aleisha, he doesn't like you. He's with me now, I hope you understand."

"I understand plenty but you're gonna pay for breaking us up."

"I didn't break you two up."

"You brought out the fucking worst of me!" She raised her voice and people began to stare

"I was just showing him the real you."

"You'll pay. Watch out princess."


Later that afternoon when I was back at my locker a note fell out. I caught it before it was able to hit the ground. I folded it and read it:

Meet me at my place tonight at 8

Can't wait to see you babe


I smiled down at the note and looked out the window towards the field and saw him playing football (soccer). I shoved the note into my jeans pocket and closed my locker. I went into the cafeteria to get lunch.


Third person's P.O.V.

Aleisha turned back around the corner to face her friends and plastered a devilish grin on her face. She began walking in the opposite direction as they followed her.

"Did she fall for it?" One of them asked

Aleisha slowed nodded "Yup, now we just gotta beat her there."

WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!?😱I would've made it longer but I want a cliff hanger. I have a whole summer to be lazy and watch Netflix. I thought I posted this chapter but I guess not so I'll post two in one day to make it up?😅 xx


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