Working for the twins💋

Kori is a 17 year old girl, just a regular one. It's summer and she wants money in her pockets. So she signed up for babysitting the irritating ass twins for the whole summer.
She thinks it will be no big deal but the twins might change her mind ����


2. meeting them

Kori p.o.v


I woke up to the sound of fighting. I ran down the stairs and saw 2 of my brothers friends. "Pebbles?!" One of them said


I looked at him confused. Only people that's really close knows my nickname. I looked at him with a confused look. "Uhh who is you, sweetheart?" I said crossing my arms.

He looked at me and started to smile. "Still same old attitude i see" he said starting to get close


I step back and glared at him. Every time he moved up, I stepped back. He signed, "you don't remember me"


"If I remembered you do you think I would keep stepping back, smartness" I said with an attitude this time.


He stopped and and pulled his hair back and made a goofy face. I bursted out laughing and couldn't stop for a minute, I started to think about childhood friends.


"OMG, Derrick ?!" I said yelling

He nodded and I ran into his arm then gave him a big hug. I can't believe I couldn't recognize him. He looks sexier now then before. We both escaped from the hug and saw another boy with my brother.


"Who is he!?" I asked pointing at him

The boy raised his eyebrows and made a funny face also. My eyes got wider and I ran over there to him

"Hi Madison" I said making him stand up


I knew them because my brother only trusted them with me and he only made me hang out with them so they can treat me like a sister. Derrick and Madison both have brown hair that almost fall in their eyes but you can still see their eyes. Derrick has brown eyes and Madison have blue. They both like the same height 6"7. Madison is 17 just like me and Derrick is 18. They both have dimples which were cute but they have different styles and you could till.


I look at the clock to see what time is it. 5:30.. Fuck !

"Why in the hell did you let me sleep so late??" I asked/ screamed at my brother.

" you were tired, I wanted my baby sister to have her rest" he said in his baby voice


I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs. I washed up and slipped into a all black undress and black sandals. I went to the bathroom to straighten my hair. I grabbed the flatirons and put in work on it.


About 10 minutes later my hair was finished, it was straighten from bottom to top. I grabbed my phone and my keys. And went down stairs.


I looked at the boys and they're eyes were glued in the screen. I giggled and told them I'm off, to the twins house. My brothers waved me off and I rolled me eyes. "Whatever doofus" I said shutting the door behind me.


I saw my sister pulled up into the drive and I scoffed. She parked and got out, "hi" I Said with a fake smile


" get a life Kori" she spoke and pushed me out the way

I laughed at her and walked to my car. I unlock it and sat in, shut the door.

I out their address in the gps and it was right around the corner.


I started the car and drove literally around the corner. I giggled " that was a long trip"

I grabbed my phone and got out. I unlocked the car, Walk towards the house.


I was about to knock when someone opened the door. "Woah" I said under my breath


" hi you must be kori, the girl who is working for my lovable twins I made". A lady said to me


I raised my eyebrows and walked in. And heard two boys arguing. " loveable my ass" in my head

They're mother stood me in front of them and they're mouths drop.


"Hi I'm Kori" I said trying to be polite

"Damnnnn" the only with the green eyes and have highlights said


The other one just kept looking at my ass. So I just stood there and looking at them back.

"Ohhhhhh, this is going to be a wonderful time" I said under my breath

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