Working for the twins💋

Kori is a 17 year old girl, just a regular one. It's summer and she wants money in her pockets. So she signed up for babysitting the irritating ass twins for the whole summer.
She thinks it will be no big deal but the twins might change her mind ����


3. Dinner Time 😐😑

Kori p.o.v

I walked inside and seeing 2 twin boys that look exactly alike, well they do call them twins. I looked at them and they did the same to me. Their mother was speaking but I wasn't listening, I was trying to figure out their differences.

One has light blue eyes and the other had dark blue. One has small tiny freckles, the other one doesn't. That's all I can found out right now.

I heard snapping in my ear, I shook my head and said "yes".

"Did you hear anything I just said" she asked me

"Uhh yeah, you can say that" I smiled

She walked off, just leaving me and the twins alone.

They both have me that evil grin and they did it at the same time. "Creeps" I mumbled

One stood and looked at me up and down like he didn't like me, that's the one with the dark blue eyes.

"Are we going to talk, or just stare at each other" I blurted out

One with the light blue eyes chuckles, he stood up and pushed he's brother away from me. "I'm Aiden, the youngest by 7 minutes" he said and kissed my hand

"Aww what a gentleman" I thought to myself.

I turned around waiting on the other one to introduce himself but he's busy on my ass.

"Hey!!, my eyes are up here buddy" I said pushing he's head up

"I know where your eyes are. But your body is more interesting" he said with a smirk

I'm offended, why would you ever say that to a girl. I fist started to ball up and ready to get thrown. I threw it and he dodged it and pinned me against the wall.

"I like em mean" he whispered in my ear

I felted he's body on mines, he's breath on my neck.

"Get off of me" I said slowly

"Make me" he challenged

I even got more Angrier, I heart start to speed up and fist got even more tighter. And he just smiled even more.

I saw aiden come behind him and tickled him. He started to laugh and he lost he's grip.

"Tough?, I don't think so" I mumbled

"Ayy aiden, you cheated. I had her where I wanted" he said and winked at me

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. I have a short temper for bullshit. It irritates me so fast and I just pop off with no cut cards.

"And this is Tyler, the big bad wolf" Aiden introduced he's brother

I fake smiled and kept it moving, I turned around headed for the kitchen. I felt a hand on my wrist, i swung and someone caught it.

"Sorry, I thought you were that ass hole over there" I pointed to Tyler

"No it's just me, Aiden." He stared at my eyes like he saw my soul

I started to blush and tried to turn away, " you can stop looking into my eyes now" I said shutting them

He chuckled " excuse me ms, but you didn't introduce yourself"

Shit. I forgot.

"Oh I'm kori, your maid/babysitter" I smiled

He started to smile really big. "Aww he have dimples" I thought

I raised an eyebrow and turned my head slightly.

"Our mom introduced you, I just wanted you to say it" he said and winked.

They both walked into the kitchen and left me to think about what the fuck just happened.

One of em are a douche bag and just ridiculously rude for no fucking reason. And the other one is kind and sweet hearted.

I smiled when I thought of Aiden. He's so cute, sweet and adorable.

I shook it away. "Kori, you can't fall for him or his twin. This is only business"

I fixed my self and walked into the kitchen.

I walked in and saw a beautiful kitchen set, the biggest I ever saw. They all was sitting down already so I sat down to join them.

"You didn't steal anything, did you?" Their mother said

WTF, why would I steal anything of yours, yall shit not even cute. The hell.

I smiled and said "no I did not"

We started to began to eat, and at the corner of my eye I saw Aiden staring which made me smile a little. Then I saw Tyler on the other side of my eye.

He look like he's thinking really hard about something. I looked up at him and he stop eating, then he threw up.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" I went over to help but the mother pushed me back

I saw Aiden help him and lead him out the doors. I looked at the table and saw throw up everywhere.

I turned away and looked at the mother.

"Sorry darling, he have a eating disorder" she said getting a rag to wipe it up.

I nodded and I understood the problem, my cousin had an eating disorder but I help her to get over it. Maybe I can help him.

"Can you spend the night to work over, he's going to need you here. I pay you extra" she said

"No need for extra money, I'll stay the night to help"

I said

" you can borrow my room and clothes, I'm leaving tonight for work all summer". She looked down

She's working all summer and can't spend time with her family. That's so fucked up man like damn.

"Ok that will be fine"

I went into the living room and say there thinking what just happened and how can I help with it.

I guess I'm spending a night with the twins 😏😒

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