Venus Magnus

A girl who's name is Venus, Magnus, a girl who is book smart and reads a lot of books also has magic like everyone else. But one day she finds something peculiar about herself that she didn't know before. And of the dark and evil characters to come in the future to find her.


3. Shopping for A Pet And A Wand

Dad beckoned my three younger siblings out of the house, and Mom only tapped me on the shoulder once. She Left me and caught up with Dad and my younger siblings. As soon as I got to the porch they started talking. As I got closer to them I realized that they seem to have forgotten that I even exist, like usual.

Slowing down I watched them teleport out of sight, and I kept walking. Thirty minutes to an hour later I finally made it to the small shopping town, and as I entered the gates that it was nearly empty. I looked around at each shop until I reached Ms. Maxime's Pet Shop, and I walked through the open door. Inside I saw many breeds of owls, cats, dogs, fish, mice, rats, and calions a new species of cat and lion that are more of a magical sort.

Since I was more interested in the calions I went to the section where newborn calions with their mother are.

There is three sections of newborn calions and their mothers. None of them interested me except this one with red fur all over its body except on its stomach which has white fur. In a way it is kind of like me. It's by itself, the mother apparently wants nothing to do with it. Also it was is small like me when I was born.

“Are you here to buy a calion or another pet, young lady?” A woman asked me.

I turned around to see a young woman in her early twenties, with short brown hair, grey eyes, a light pink dress, a pair of black leather boots, a black belt, and a dark pink apron on top of her dress.

“Yeah I am mainly here for a calion, and how much are they by the way,” I asked interested in that small calion.

“Depends on which calion you pick out, go and choose one from this pen,” she said opening the gate to the pen where the small calion is at.

I walked slowly to the small calion and picked it up. And when I picked it up I noticed just how light it is. Actually it is not an it, it is a girl.

Walking out of the pen I noticed that the young woman is staring at me with raised eyebrows.

“I don't understand why you would want to take a small and ill one,” the woman had her arms out as if poised to take the calion out of my arms.

“It is in the pen which anyone can technically buy it if they want to, and besides I don't see why you wouldn't want me to buy it and have it out of the pet shop,” I said while clinging to the calion a little tighter like Mom would do if I tried to run away from conferencing with a teacher, the parent of the kids who would bully me when I was younger, and the kid whom had been the one to bully me.

“Because this little one does not have much longer to live, she has had been having problems ever since she was born just a few hours ago,” she said as she took the calion away from me.

Anger bubbled up until breaking point where I unleashed it all in the store.

I want her, give her back to me, now!!” I screamed so loud that all the windows broke, and my magic began to run out of control. Images of an old woman being turned to dust burned into my mind as she said these words, “You are my reincarnation, let all the your anger out. Destroy eveything and anything that is in your way.”

Every thing in the store tore from the shelves, and the people were screaming as everything was being destroyed and the pets were being injured.

Out of nowhere my parents appeared, and took out their wands. They both chanted a spell that has been chanted for millions of years to the beginning of this world. These are the words, “Light will always win over darkness. Be gone all evil within this place. And Bring peace and prosperity back!

In no time was all that anger gone, and it left me completely powerless. As soon as my body fell flat on the ground the store began to repair itself. My head rolled to one side to see the young woman in utter shock from seeing what she just saw.

“Okay kid you can have the calion,” She said while taking calion to the counter.

She put the calion on the counter, and went into the back to get some things.

Meanwhile on my end Mom and Dad were blabbering about something that I couldn't understand. That was until I realized that my hearing had been damaged.

“What, I need a moment to let my hearing to go back to normal.” I said while clutching my ears.

Five minutes later I could hear again.

“Again what are you saying, is it even important,” I asked trying to sit up but fell back on to my back again, and pain spread everywhere.

“We've been looking everywhere for you, Venus,” they said in soft voices.

“Considering that you abandoned me when you teleported, I can say that it was the opposite of what you are saying. Clearly you shouldn't care about my existence, you both have shown me that,” I replied darkly while getting up and walking to the counter.

“That will be one hundred-fifty dollars, please. And what do want to name her,” the woman asked as she put down a carrier, a shrunken down crib, an enchanted baby bottle, piece of parchment, and a white and blue bag that is like a bigger version of a purse with pockets.

“I'll go with . . . Sadie,” I said while giving the woman the money.

“Take this birth certificate, and have a good rest of the day.” She sad handing me the certificate, with relief.

I careful put Sadie into a sling-like thing that magically appeared so I didn't have to put her in the carrier. And the rest of the stuff that wasn't shrunken down were shrunken down and put in my messenger bag.

I teleported before Mom and Dad could even get up on their feet. I ended up in the book store.

At least fifteen through thirty minutes later I had found a few books on how to take care of a calion. Another five minutes later I found all the books I need for the classes I have chosen (even though they confirmed yet). And the last five minutes later I found books on the female body and the male body, a book on the history of magic, and a book on reincarnation.

After Buying the books and I went out the doors I could see my parents right there, and both were in tears.

“Are you okay, Venus? Do you need to see a doctor, you don't seem well,” Mom asked as she put her hand to my forehead.

“I am fine I don't need a doctor, all I need is for you two to just go away.” I retorted.

Mom nearly fainted and Dad grabbed to his heart as if he is going to die of a broken heart. When Mom managed to get a grip she took out a bottle, and forced me to drink it.

Pain in my body spread to every fiber of my being until at least five minutes later, and I didn't know it but I was on my knees. I felt very different then before, she had given a mood/personality change potion.

I felt a lot calmer than I had ever been this morning. We walked straight to the wand shop with my three younger siblings trailing behind Mom and Dad like ducklings would to their mom and dad.

Five minutes later we finally got to the wand shop where inside it was filled with shelves upon shelves of I can imagine an unlimited supplies of wands.

A wand flew into my into my hands. It is a willow wand the length of thirteen and a half inches, and a core of I'm guessing of phoenix feathers. My Dad has the same type of wand as this one, but with a length of fifteen and a half inches. It also has the same core as this one does.

A man that is the same age as my parents came up to us and checked the wand.

“I bet you James and Alexandra that your daughter will be a very compelling and beautiful witch. James you and Venus are both destined to have the same type of wand wood and magic core,” the man said as he ran his hand through his short brown hair.

“Well beautiful is a trait we can already tell, and I can easily tell that she will become compelling at her years at Anaulore.”Dad replied while grabbing out his grey leather wallet to pay for my wand.

Dad paid for my wand, and we left the shop.

“We should probably get one to a few gifts for Sarafina.” I said while walking in no particular direction.

My parents and siblings followed me.


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