Venus Magnus

A girl who's name is Venus, Magnus, a girl who is book smart and reads a lot of books also has magic like everyone else. But one day she finds something peculiar about herself that she didn't know before. And of the dark and evil characters to come in the future to find her.


2. My School

 “Thanks everyone for the gifts, they were really thoughtful.” I said as everyone stared at me I can imagine not blinking their eyes.

“Actually there is some more stuff for you. Your aunts and uncles haven't given you anything yet, and they are getting since they forgot to get them,” Mom said with a small smile on her face.

At that exact moment all my aunts and uncles came into the room with one medium sized wrapped box, and two medium sized gift bags. They all put it down at my feet.

“Uh . . . this is quite a lot of stuff,” I said while picking up a wrapped.

It is from my Uncle Dan Mangus and Aunt Marian Magnus. A book on how to game design/program/write and a book on ancient magic were in the box.

A gift from all my other aunts and uncles is what I picked up next. Two things are in there, devices of some sort from what I can tell looking, both are cylinder with buttons on the sides. I picked one up and pressed a button and it grew into a wooden table with cabinets filled with ingredients used for potions. It is a transportable potions lab that comes with the other device that allows you to turn it into any kind of room and stuff like that.

The gift bags were some of extra. In the first one, a pink one, are two fifty dollar gift cards to my favorite book store, and two fifty dollar gift cards to a magic/electronic store.

In the second bag, an amethyst purple bag, to two fifty dollar gift cards to go to a clothing store, and two fifty dollar gift cards to a candy/bakery.

My whole body shook beyond point that I couldn't control it. In a few seconds I passed out in my chair.

I can imagine it was many minutes later I woke up on my bed under the covers with my red and purple curtains pulled together. I sat up and grabbed my glasses from my elder nightstand, and stood up on the ground. Walking to my mahogany desk with a stack of research papers, and I picked up one of Dads old spell books off my mahogany book shelf. I sat down in my blue armchair, and I looked around the room. The soft scarlet carpeting, the red and purple walls, and my closet that has been enchanted to the point that it can it can expand itself to infinity.

I stood up and put the book back on the shelf, and went outside of my room. Mom and Dad were waiting in the hall at my bedroom door. Dad Picked me off the ground into his arms.

“We have one last thing to give you, Venus,” Dad said quietly in my right ear.

He carried me all the way downstairs and when we got to the family room he put me on the blue couch. After putting me down on the couch he took out of his pale blue robes a white envelope with the front facing me. He held out his arm with the letter, and I took it from him. Turning it over I could see this:


Venus Magnus, Age:13, Magical City, 246th St.,

House number 2.


Anxious to open the letter I paced myself in opening it so I wasn't to fast or to slow for that matter. I could see that my family had gone and that only left my boyfriend and friend. Taking it out of the envelope I began to read:


“Dear Venus Magnus, congratulations you have been accepted to Anaulore, Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since you have reached the highest possible, of 490, score on the Witch and Assessment of Place met for a first year at Anaulore, you get to choose what classes you will take for this year only, but if you can reach the highest scare again then his option will be op to you. You have been put with future peers that have gotten around your score, and you will remain them within the time you will spend at Anaulore. Don't worry about confirming that you will want to go to this school, your parents have already done so. And you have to confirm the classes you want to take by the end of the summer on August 31st . Sincerely, Professor Gale Olius.”


I screamed the loudest I think I have ever in my life. Mom and Dad just smiled at each other. I also kissed Jack whom is sitting next to me on my right on accident.

“You're this happy about getting into Anaulore, Venus,” Jack asked jokingly while blushing a light red.

“Yes because then the both of us can go to the same school, we just need Sarafina to get into Anaulore,” I said smiling with the same smile when Jack and I kissed the first time.

“In the meantime you need to choose your classes,” Sarafina, Mom, and Dad said in unison.

Six through ten minutes later I had chosen these twelve classes:


1) Element Bending/Nature Ritual and weather control/Lunar Ritual and Eclipse Ritual

2) Emotion Bending/Chi Sorcery/Soul Sorcery

3) Plague Ritual/Restricting Ritual/Body Ritual

4) Teleportation Ritual/Projection Magic/Illusion Magic

5) Fairy Magic/Love magic/Dark Magic/

6) A class on every class of magic/potions/Healing Magic

7) Dream Ritual/Draining Sorcery/Dispelling Magic

8) Dragon Sorcery/Ancient Sorcery/Animal Conjuring/Configuring

9) Tempest Magic/Siren Magic/Poetry and Writing Magic

10) Sleep Ritual/Rainbow Ritual/Clone Ritual

11) Resurrection Ritual/Transformation Bending/Inverbal magically

12) Sensory Sorcery/Clairvoyance Magic/Gravity Magic.


After filling it out I gave I to Mom and Dad. They looked through it, and sometimes I could see them shuddering, probably because some of them are pretty dark.

“Are you sure you want you want these classes, Venus,” Mom asked quite scared and probably wondering if I am okay.

“Yes, and it's okay Mom, I just want to learn all that I can about magic whether dark magic or not,” I said firmly.

“Okay we could go shopping and use those gift cards,Venus,” Dad said quite pale while giving me my gift cards.

I held out one of my arms and my new dress shoes appeared out of thin air. And my red and purple messenger bag that is empty except 180,000 dollars that I been saving from birthday money to money that I earned since I was only five almost six years old.

“I'm ready to go, are either of you ready,” I ended in a question.

Five to six minutes later the rest of my family were ready to go to the small shopping town nearby. The rest of the guests that were here had already gone home four of those minutes ago.


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