Venus Magnus

A girl who's name is Venus, Magnus, a girl who is book smart and reads a lot of books also has magic like everyone else. But one day she finds something peculiar about herself that she didn't know before. And of the dark and evil characters to come in the future to find her.


1. My Birthday Party

 My eyes lazily opened as light filled my room, but I didn't want to get out of bed. As I sat up I saw Mom and Dad sitting on both sides of my bed.

I thought for my black and red colored glasses to come into my hands, and they magically did.

“Happy birthday, honey,” Mom and Dad said in unison.

“Thanks, but it isn't that big of a thing, not like a historical miracle or anything like that. I don't think it's really important,” I said while putting on my glasses.

“Well it may not be important to you, Venus, but it is one of the most important things in the world to us. And besides you realize that you only turn thirteen once,” Mom said while wrapped her arms around me.

“But no one really thought that I was really important back in elementary school. Most of them thought that I was worthless and shouldn't have been born,” I replied with tears starting to form.

“I know it was hard for you to deal with bullies back then, but there won't be any at the school you'll be going to in a few months,” Dad said while putting his arms around me.

“I don't think that where I will go to school will help with what other people will say about me, besides you haven't even told me where I am going to for my magic education,”

“Well we want it to be a surprise for you,” he said while he smiled.

“If you need me I'll be taking a shower,” I said while I got off my bed.

“Okay then, I'll put your outfit out on your bed for you, Venus.” Mom said as I left my room.

Before I got to the bathroom I swiftly grabbed two towels and a washcloth. Then I went to the bathroom to start my bath.

About thirty minutes later I had ended my bath, and I got out of the bathtub and put on the towels. I left the bathroom and headed towards my room.

Inside my room I saw on my bed a new sleeveless dress with the top half of the dress being the color scarlet red and the bottom half being the color of amethyst purple, had pockets near the end of the dress, and the length ending just a little after the knee. Another thing I found a pair of new comfortable red flats that are laced. A fake amethyst flower also lays on my bed. A red headband along with everything else that lies on my bed. And a gold chained necklace with a ruby gem pendant, an amethyst gem, a unicorn pendant, a heart pendent, a wand pendant, and a peace sign pedant.

After drying off and putting on the dress and knee-highs with with blue bands I used magic to make the sleeveless dress into a ¾ dress. Also with magic I was able to make my hair into a bun, put in both the fake amethyst flower and the red hairband into my hair, make my shoes disappear and reappear on my feet, and put on the necklace.

When I looked at the door I noticed that Mom was standing there with a smile on her face.

“that's impressive how you can already use magic for things like this. I bet your Dad will drop his jaw in awe.” Mom said while she laughed a light laugh.

I just just smiled and pushed up my glasses.

“Thanks for the new stuff, but I don't think that I have earned it all,” I said looking at the floor.

“You do Venus, and don't think you should have any less than what you have got,” Mom said with a concerned look on her face.

“I'll go down stairs so I can get a book I haven't had a chance to read yet.” I said walking out of my room.

Each step I took while going down the stairs I could hear voices saying these words these words, “you're worthless, you have no purpose of being alive, you shouldn't have been born.” And each step down the stair case I took the louder the voices would become.

By the time I was downstairs I was in tears. Dad was at the bottom of the stairs and he had his jaw open in awe, but that was before he saw the tears in my eyes.

“What's the matter, Venus?” Dad asked quite concerned.

I couldn't speak because the voices in my head were just barely not drowning him out, and so I touched his hand, and allowed him to hear the voices in my head.

“So this is what is causing you so much emotional pain, and I think I can fix this problem.” Dad said in a questioning way.

Dad took out his wand, and said an incantation out loud, and when he was finished the voices in my head were gone. Even though they were gone I still cried for quite a long time.

“It's going to be okay, Venus.” Dad said with a calming voice.

In due time I finally did start to calm down, and I felt great after crying for minutes I can't fathom to count.

Dad and I went into the family room where I went to go and get my book that is on a shelf in a book shelf. Though what I didn't expect to see is that the family room looked like it was ready to throw a party.

“Let me guess you and Mom are throwing a party for me,” I said while getting my book off the shelf.

“Yes we are, and the guests will be here any minute now.” Dad said light-heartedly.

My three younger siblings Wyatt, Xena, and Zachary came into sight.

“Morning big sister, and happy birthday.” All three said in unison.

I just nodded, and I could hear the doorbell ring many times. And I went to open the door. When I did I could see my friends Sarafina Dukes and Jack Scott with their parents on the welcome mat with two wrapped boxes.

“Happy birthday Venus, can you wait to have a party, and get your wand?” Sarafina said overly excited.

I just nodded and smiled. Dad put his arm around my shoulder.

“Venus you look a . . . amazing today,” Jack said timidly.

“Thanks Jack, you look pretty dashing yourself.” I said while transfiguring a dandelion into chocolate the shape and height of the dandelion.

I used magic to bring the chocolate to me, and I gave it to Jack. Jack blushed a deep red. My Grandparents from both sides came to the porch while heaving bags that I am guessing are really heavy. Next came my aunt and two uncles from my Moms side with their kids. And then my two aunts and two uncles from my Dads side.

“So I'm guessing that the whole family is going to be here then, and that's going to be just great,” I said sarcastically.

“Well in the meantime you don't have to be sarcastic.” Grandma Magnus said with s scowl on her face.

I walked inside and Sarafina and Jack followed me into the house. Jack ate the chocolate and set down his wrapped box on the table where a medium sized pile of gifts were already stacked. And Sarafina also placed her box in the pile.

“Hey Venus, you mind a . . . talking with me in private for a moment,” asked quite shyly.

“Sure, but what would be talking about,” I asked quite confused.

“I'll tell you in a minute.” Jack said whilke taking my hand, and I noted that his cheeks has gone a darker shade of red than I have ever seen before on him.

We went into the living room where we sat down on the a blue leather couch (the color was tranfigured from black to blue by me when I was only eleven almost twelve years old).

“So now that you are thirteen there is a question that I have been dying to ask for a long time now.” Jack said looking right into my eyes.

Those hazel eyes, his messy black hair, his elfish features, his black glasses, the shyness and awkwardness, and the look of innocence in his eyes and face.

I find it that I'm attracted to him, but I don't know how much though.

“What's the question you want to ask, Jack,” I asked with a look of amusement and confusion.

“Well . . . I've been have had a sort of attraction, or crush on you for quite a long time now. So the question I have to ask you right now is sort of obvious, and . . . will you be my girlfriend,” he asked with a pleading tone.

Wait what did he just ask me? Did he really just ask me to be his girlfriend?!

“Did you just ask if I could be your girlfriend. Did you ask, or did I just think I heard it,”

“No I did ask if you wanted to be my girlfriend.” he replied.

This is going to be a hard decision, but I mean if it makes him happy I would do it. And besides I have been finding him more attractive than any other guy I had met in the entire school.

“Yeah, if it makes you happy it will make me happy then.” I said as I stole some of the dandelion chocolate I gave him.

Then a surprising thing happened, with his hand Jack brought my face forward, and kissed me right on my lips. The feeling was an intense pleasure that made me forget that everyone except my friends hated me and didn't want me around, because Jack and Sarafina do want me around. But the feeling also felt really strange . . . but in a good way, the touching of anothers skin on your own, it felt like magic (no pun intended).

“Woah kids you don't need to go there,” I heard Dad say from a few feet away.

Something pulled us apart, and when I looked away from Jack it was Jack's Dad that had pulled us apart. And I could see Sarafina with a big smile of satisfaction on her face like she knew that at some point in time him and I would become a couple.

“What is the meaning of this Jack Lincoln Scott, you should not be kissing girls at this age, and especially if you are not in a relationship with that girl. And number one rule if you do get a girlfriend, don't kiss other girls or try to cheat on her or she will try and get back you, or will just break up and will most likely hate you for the rest of their lives,”

“Actually Dad I am in a relationship with her,” Jack replied with his eyebrows moving upward.

“Well you would have to run that by me young man,” Dad said with his right hand clenched lightly.

“Aw Dad can't you let us be together,” I whined.

“Well . . . I guess I can let you because it is your birthday, Venus,” Dad said with a smirk on his face.

“If you say she can date Jack I'm fine with it, James.” Jack's Dad said while looking Dad in the eye.

Dad nodded his head to show he understood.

Jack and I stood up hand in hand, and walked to the family room where our Moms were talking animatedly of all girly things possible. When they noticed us holding hands they cooed in delight.

“Ooh it's young love, eh Alexandra,” Jack's Mom said while squealing with joy.

“It's true, Morgana, it only feels like yesterday that I got proposed to by James, got married to James, and had Venus,” she said with that dream look in her eyes that meant she was half in the real world and half in her mind.

 I sat on one of the chairs that were set out for guests to sit on.

“And now ladies and gents we shall get started with the party.” Dad said while clapping his hands together.

Thirty to forty minutes later passed when vanilla ice cream cake with chocolate fudge ice cream, and different array of edible decorations to choose from was served (I got two pieces). Soon to follow were the gifts.

First is a magical laptop from my parents that does not need electricity but can go on the power of magic alone and will only except magic as a usuable resource.

Second an enchanted composition book to allow infinite number of pages Jack. And since I have wanted to become a writer for the last few days since it allows me to express my feelings in a world that I create, and I have the power to do anything with the story this is perfect.

Third from Grandma and Granda Magnus I got five books that I had wanted to read for quite some time now, and each being that romance/fantasy.

Fourth from my other two Grandparents I had gotten a book on all kinds of magical and mythical creatures and twenty-five dollars to spend or to save up for the things I want.

And fifth Sarafina had gotten me is this rare manufactured object that can basically do anything and I mean everything, and it comes with a spell and enchantment books for it to do anything.

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