Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

© All Rights Reserved
Helen Hood


49. Chapter 49 : Punching My Anger Away

Helen's POV


I got at the gym. Adin's car was already there. I sped walked inside, showed my membership card and went to the punching bags. 

Adin stood there, hands wrapped in white cloth. "What's up?" He asked.

I extended my arms and Adin began wrapping my knuckles. "Calum," I replied.

"What happened?" he asked.

"We got in an argument," I replied.


"He found out I raced and told me a whole bunch of crap. We just kept on arguing until he brought up something that just pissed  me off way too much," I replied angrily.

"What'd he say?"

"He brought up Brad," I said.

"Oh," Was all Adin replied with. "Okay, you're ready," He stood behind the black punching bag.

I got in stance and began to hit the bag. I punched the bag, harder than the next as my argument with Calum replayed in my head. Over and over. 

"Helen." The voice sounded far away.


I snapped back to reality.

"You're bleeding," Adin said.

I looked down to my knuckles and sure enough, blood was soaking through the cloth.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

I nodded. Sweat was dripping from my forehead. 

"C'mon lets go," He said before putting his arm around my shoulders and steering me out of the gym. The cool air felt good since I was sweating. Adin walked me towards his car and I got in.

"You actually rode this thing here?" he asked before handing me my board.

"Yea," I replied.

"I thought you were grounded," he said.

"I am, so I'm probably screwed," I replied.


"Are you gonna be okay?" He asked once we got to my house.

I nodded.

"I'm here for you, you know?"

"I know Adin."

"Chin up, buttercup."

I smiled slightly before getting out of the car and closing the door. Adin sped out of the driveway. Dad immediately rushed out and hugged me tightly.

"Helen I was worried sick!" He said. "You didn't pick up your phone, none of the cars were gone!" He looked at my hands. "What happened?"

"I went to the gym Dad. I had to blow off some steam," I replied.

"Don't ever do that again Helen! You scared me," He exclaimed.

"Sorry," I said.

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