Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

© All Rights Reserved
Helen Hood


43. Chapter 43 : Sorry Mikey

Helen's POV


It was that time of the month again. Yes, ladies, the dreaded PERIOD. Nothing like cramps hitting you at three in the morning and interrupting your so-needed sleep. I rolled off my bed and grabbed my phone from my nightstand.

I mindlessly clicked Calum's contact and waited while it rang.



"Um...okay? Do you want me to tell Calum?" 

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and looked at my phone. The screen read 'Mikey.' My eyes went wide. "I'm SO sorry you had to hear that Michael! I thought I was calling Calum."

"Just-just make sure its him next time. Please." Michael begged.

"Oh, yeah. For sure. Sorry again," I quickly hung up and let out an embarrassed sigh before dialing Calum's number. Correctly this time.

"Helen? What are you doing up so late? is everything okay?" He asked worriedly. 

"Is Michael in the room with you?" I asked.

"No, why? What happened?" He asked.

"I thought I was calling you and it ended up being Michael," I replied.

"And..." Calum persuaded.

"I said that my vagina was bleeding," I said blankly.

"Oh," His voice deepened. "That's not good."

"Tell me about it. Now I'm embarrassed as hell and I probably will never be able to look Michael in the eye because of this."

"He'll get over it, but are you feeling okay? I know you tend to get cramps when you're on your period."

I smiled at Calum's concern. How the hell did I get so lucky?

"Yea, I have cramps that hurt like a bitch but I'm just gonna take a couple pain killers and talk to you," I replied.

"Where's your Dad?" He asked.

"He left yesterday to do some golfing with his co-workers. He'll be back this morning" I explained.

I pushed myself off the bed and felt my body release a wave of blood. I groaned.

"What's wrong?" Calum asked.

"Being a girl sometimes sucks," I mumbled.

"It can't be that bad," Calum insisted.

"We don't get the respect we need. Child labor hurts like a BITCH, more pain than you will ever encounter in your entire life! And we're just so underestimated," I defended.

"I respect you," He said.

"That's different. You're my boyfriend, you're suppose to respect me," I noted.

"True, but I'd probably respect any girl, because every girl needs respect. I treat you like a queen, which is the way you're suppose to be treated."

"What happened to 'princess'?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen.

"You just got too damn good for that title," He said seductively.

My hormonal level suddenly shot to 1000 percent. Great.

"Don't do that!" 

"Do what?" He asked.

"That thing you do!"

"What thing?" 

"You whisper all seductively and shit," I muttered.

"And?" He asked.

"It turns me on, okay?"

"Oh damn. Well then, maybe I should, you know?" He began his seductive voice once again.

"Calum, if you keep doing that I'm gonna hang up," I threatened.

"I'm enjoying myself actually," He said.

"You, but not me. I mean you're not here and even if you were we wouldn't be able to do anything so at the end of the day you lose," I stated.

"Yea, but at the end of the week I win cause I get laid by my gorgeous, very sexy girlfriend."

"Don't make me blush," I giggled.

Calum laughed, "I miss your laugh and your face and just everything about you."

"I miss you too Calum."

I grabbed a bottle of the pills and opened it before dropping two of them in my palm. The thick capsules were carefully cradled in my palm as I walked to the fridge to grab a water bottle.

"I didn't even ask you how you were. How are you?" Calum asked.

I popped the pills in my mouth and gulped down some water.

"I'm doing pretty good. Only went to one club so far, so not bad," I replied. "How about you?"

"I'm well myself, just same old stuff. Nothing new, that I can think of at the moment," He added.

"That's good," I said as I began to climb up the stairs, Billie Joe at my feet. "Oh, by the way Billie misses you."

"Really?!" Calum exclaimed.

"Yea, every time I say your name, his ears perk up and he begins to whine. He really likes you. It's a good sign."

"Aw, tell him Daddy will be home soon," He said.

I almost choked. 

"Slow your roll brochacho. Billie is mine he always has been and always will be," I said.

"Typical. He might want his father in his life as well, you know?" Calum asked sounding hurt.

"Where were you seven years ago!" I exclaimed. "With another woman I suppose?"

"It's in the past! Let it go."

"Fine!" I yelled.


"What just happened?" I asked.

"I think we just fought over the custody of Billie Joe," Calum replied.

I nodded. "We're a weird couple."


I climbed into bed and snuggled under the covers. Billie jump on my bed and cuddled up next to me. I wrapped my arm around him since he was so big and practically the size of another human being. 

I put my headphones in and plugged them into my phone before resuming my conversation with Calum.

"It feels so good to be in bed," I said.

"Are you sleepy?" he asked.

I yawned, "Kinda."

"Can I sing you to sleep?" He asked.

I smiled, "Why not?'

Calum began to sing a song I didn't recognize. My eyelids soon started to get heavy and I fell asleep to Calum's soothing voice.

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