Fighting For You

Sequel to Falling For Hood

Calum is on a 6 month tour with his band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Helen is still in Australia, trying to keep their relationship alive. With Calum gone, Helen feels like she's in hell without him. What will happen when the two start to get reckless? Calum has his bandmates for help and support, but Helen, she has no one. Will Calum and Helen survive the 6 months? Or will they break their promises to each other?

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Helen Hood


39. Chapter 39 : California Love

Helen's POV


After a refreshing shower and some good music, I went downstairs. Dad was reading a newspaper.

"Morning, Dad," I pecked his cheek.

I really hope he didn't tell me about last night and me being wasted as fuck. 

"Morning babygirl. Hungry?"

"Yep," I replied as I opened the fridge.

"Let's go get breakfast, yea?"

"Where to?" I asked.

"CJ's," He replied.

I nodded.

"Let's go then," He grabbed his keys and went to the garage. I followed with and closed the garage door behind me after saying a quick good bye to Billie Joe. 

I jumped into the passenger's seat of the Range Rover. Come to think of it, Dad never found out that Luke stole this exact car and used it to track me down to the hospital.

Oh the memories. 

I giggled.

"What's so funny?" Dad asked.

"Oh nothing, just something I thought about."

He started the engine and drove out of the garage. Since it was a little early in the morning, traffic wasn't as heavy as the usual rush hour. 

"Did you have fun last night?" Dad asked.

"Yea, it was good to catch up with friends," I replied before rolling down the window.

"That's nice."

An hour later, I was starving and my stomach was burning from the lack of food it held. Dad pulled into the parking lot of CJs and we got out. I practically lunged for the door.

Once I got through the door, I got a couple stares. They were probably wondering as to why I almost sacked the door with my body.

I waited with my Dad while we waited for someone to attend us to our seats.

"Sorry for the wait," one girl said as she came towards us.

"It's okay, don't worry about it," I reassured her.

She smiled, "Just two?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Follow me," she said in a very bubbly tone.

I followed the waitress to a small booth in the corner, Dad at my trail. The waitress motioned for us to sit, so we did.

"Anything to drink?" She asked.

"I'll have orange juice, please." I requested.

"And for you sir?" She was asking Dad.

"Coffee, please." He replied.

The waitress wrote everything down on a thick notepad.

"I'll be back in a few with your drinks," she smiled.

"Thank you," I replied as nicely as possible. 

I always cut waiters/waitresses some slack cause they have to deal with assholes all day and be nice to them. I'd probably blow my top if someone said something rude to me. And I'd probably end up getting fired on the first day. 


"Everything okay?" Dad asked.

I nodded.

"How's Luke?" He asked.

"Oh you know, just in the UK writing some songs and about to continue his tour," I said casually.

"Oh that's right!" He exclaimed. "So proud of my boy!" He smiled widely.

I nodded, "Which means he also took Ashton, Michael and Calum. They are a band after all."

"Why so sad? You should be happy."

"I am! I'm proud of Luke and the boys, but Calum. We-we're on thin ice."

"C'mon Helen, don't say that. This is the happiest you've ever been in months! I want you to stay this happy. You've got to stop doubting your relationship and start living in it."

"Yea, yea you're right."

"Damn right, I'm right!"

I laughed.

Soon the waitress came back and held our drinks. She placed the tall glass of o-j in front of me and a mug of coffee in front of Dad.

"Ready to order?" She asked.

Dad and I both nodded.



After breakfast I found myself by my window. Twenty one pilots playing and I looked at the horizon. Sounds dramatic.

My gaze drifted to my phone.

"I'll call you before I go to sleep."

It was now late in London and I didn't want to call him and he's already asleep. Nor do I want to call him if he's with a friend. I don't want to feel like an anchor to him. 

He knows I'm not clingy. 

I love Calum a lot, a lot. I just really hope we can keep the communication strong these next three months.

3 months. Almost there. Almost over with it.

I inhaled. Then exhaled.


I stress myself way too much and over think things. I shouldn't be worried. Everything is gonna be okay and soon I'll be in Calum's arms once again.


I hate that word but it's my last hope. 

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